DAB Change Log

The page is a record of the changes that have been made to DAB multiplex configurations in the UK, such as station additions and removals, or bit rate changes. The date of change is given as being as close to when the change actually took place, but may only reflect when the change was first observed, dependent on the availability of accurate information.

Note: The information reflected in this table may be more up to date than other pages within the Digital Radio section of this website.

Station NameChanges OccuredMultiplex (es)Date of Change
Eruption RadioAddition of station (48kbps DAB+ stereo).Trial Cambridge (small scale multiplex)July 2021
Like RadioStation removal.Gloucestershire, Hereford and WorcestershireJuly 2021
Radio BiscuitStation removal.Trial Aldershot (small scale multiplex)July 2021
The MaxStation re-instated.Trial Glasgow (small scale multiplex)27th July 2021
The MaxStation removal.Trial Glasgow (small scale multiplex)26th July 2021
YO1 Radio XtraAddition of station (32kbps DAB+ stereo).North Yorkshire19th July 2021
Care RadioAddition of station (48kbps DAB+ stereo).Trial Aldershot (small scale multiplex)2nd July 2021
V2 RadioAddition of station (48kbps DAB+ stereo).Trial Aldershot (small scale multiplex)2nd July 2021
Black Cat CambridgeStation removal.Trial Cambridge (small scale multiplex)1st July 2021
Rubix RadioStation removal.Trial Cambridge (small scale multiplex)1st July 2021
INRIX UK TPEGRemoval of packet data service.D1 National1st July 2021
Nation Dance, and Nation LoveStation launch, replacing Little Radio, and Oxygen Radio UKTrial Glasgow (small scale multiplex)1st July 2021
Classic OneRelabelling of station from Classical 1 to CLASSIC ONE.Trial Brighton (small scale multiplex)23rd June 2021
Point Blank RadioCommencement of test transmissions ahead of launch, labelled as TEST (32kbps DAB+ stereo). Surrey and North Sussex14th June 2021
TX1 RadioAddition of station (32kbps DAB+ stereo). Although broadcasting on the Lincolnshire multiplex, this station targets the Doncaster area using overspill.Lincolnshire7th June 2021
Virgin PrideAddition of station (temporary service) (32kbps DAB+ stereo).London 27th June 2021
More Radio RetroAddition of station (56 kbps, mono LSF).Sussex2nd June 2021
80s Rhythm, and Passion RadioBit rate increase to 64 kbps DAB+ stereo (from 56 kbps)Trial Portsmouth (small scale multiplex)29th May 2021