Aberdeen DAB Multiplex

Page last updated on October 25th, 2021 at 12:04 pm

Operator: Switch Digital (part of Wireless Group/News UK)
Frequency: 220.352 MHz (11C)
On Air: December 2001

Stations Carried

StationDisplay Name (8 Digit/16 Digit)IDBit Rate & Audio FormatProgramme Type (PTY)
BBC Radio Nan Gaidheal/BBC RNanGaidhealC336128 kbps Joint StereoTalk/Varied
BBC Radio ScotlandBBC Scot/ BBC ScotlandC635128 kbps Joint StereoTalk/Varied
Mearns FMMEARNS / MEARNS FM64 kbps Mono LSFPop Music
northsound-1C8B1128 kbps Joint StereoPop Music
Northsound 2C1C9128 kbps Joint StereoPop Music
Original 106Original/ Original 106C6E780 kbps MonoPop Music
Pure Radio/ Pure Radio80 kbps MonoPop Music
Talk Sport (Scotland)/talkSPORT ScotC6CE64 kbps MonoSport
Talk Sport 2C1D864 kbps Mono LSFSport
Times RadioC0D864 kbps Mono LSFNews
Virgin RadioVirgin/ Virgin RadioC3D880 kbps MonoPop Music
Waves RadioC6B664 kbps Mono LSFOther Music


Currently the following transmitters broadcast the Aberdeen multiplex:

Transmitter Area Covered Power Output (kW) Grid Reference
Durris East Aberdeenshire 2 NO 763 899
Meldrum Aberdeenshire 8.51 NU 760 329
Mormond Hill North East Aberdeenshire 1 NU 982 569
Redmoss Aberdeen 1.2 NU 942 024