SDL National DAB Multiplex

Last update: 10/02/2021.

Operator Frequency On Air From Coverage Area
Sound Digital Limited, a joint venture between Arqiva, Bauer Media, Wireless Group 216.928 MHz (11A) February 2016 Most areas of UK

Note: Some stations use DAB+ on this multiplex. Not all DAB radios can receive DAB+. Some of these services use low bit rates, and where observations of extremely poor sound quality have been made, this has been indicated in the Audio Format column.

Stations Carried

Station Display Name (8 Digit/16 Digit) ID Bit Rate (kbps) Audio Format Programme Type (PTY)
Absolute Radio 80s Abs R80s / Absolute Rad 80s C8D8 80 Mono Pop Music
Absolute Radio 90s AbsR 90s / Absolute Rad 90s CAC2 80 Mono Pop Music
BFBS (UK) BFBS UK / BFBS UK C5E0 24 DAB+ Stereo HE-AAC v2 – Poor audio quality. Pop Music
Fun Kids Fun Kids/Fun Kids UK CFD8 24 DAB+ Mono – Poor audio quality. Children’s
Jazz FM 32 DAB+ Stereo HE-AAC v2 Jazz Music
Mellow Magic Mellow M/Mellow Magic 80 Mono Easy Listening
Planet Rock 80 Mono Rock Music
Premier Christian 64 Mono Religion
Premier Praise 64 Mono Religion
Scala Radio 112 Joint Stereo Classical Music
Sunrise Radio UK 64 Mono National Music
Talk Radio 32 DAB+ Stereo News
Talk Sport 2 32 DAB+ Stereo Sport
Times Radio 64 Mono LSF n/k
UCB 2 64 Mono Religion
Union Jack UnionJAK / Union JACK C7FF 32 DAB+ Stereo HE-AAC v2 Rock Music
Union Jack Dance UJ Dance / Union JACK Dance CAE0 32 DAB+ Stereo HE-AAC v2 Pop Music
Union Jack Rock UJ Rock / Union JACK Rock C8EE 32 DAB+ Stereo HE-AAC v2 Rock Music
Virgin Radio Virgin / Virgin Radio 80 Mono Pop Music
Virgin Radio Anthems /Virgin Anthems 32 DAB+ Stereo HE-AAC v2 Pop Music
Virgin Radio Chilled /Virgin Chilled 32 DAB+ Stereo HE-AAC v2 Pop Music


Currently the following transmitters broadcast the SDL National multiplex:

Transmitter Area Covered Power Output Grid Reference
Pontop Pike