Transparency Information

Page last updated on July 6th, 2020 at 10:34 am

All About Digital TV is operated by individual, who for privacy reasons is only identified as ‘Scott’.


This website currently receives no funding from external sources, with all costs met by the author. Adverts are not carried.

Sources of Information

Where possible, channel list information is obtained from the platforms provider. This may be supplemented by data from the ‘TV Channel Lists’ website, or the ‘UK DTT Freeview Channels’ website.

News articles are compiled using data from the Advanced Television and Digital TV Europe websites (links to both on the Useful Links page), supplemented with broadcaster and platform press releases where appropriate.

Reader reports (sometimes from twitter) may be used if information is believed to be from an accurate or reliable source.

The website has been developed from the ground up, using the WordPress platform and hosted on servers operated by our supplier The Media Site Ltd. No websites or content have been acquired.

Important notice: No content has been transferred here from the now closed a516digital website. Any suggestion that this has taken place, or that permission to do so was given, is false.


Whilst many news websites often use quotes, by default quotes are excluded from all news articles on this website, unless they add value to the story or are required to fully explain events.

This is to ensure that articles are concise, to the point, and are quick and easy to read.

Authors Opinions

The Reviews section is heavily influenced by the authors opinions. The rest of the website aims to be fully impartial, but unconscious bias may be present.