BBC National DAB Multiplex

Page last updated on June 3rd, 2020 at 10:22 pm

Operator: BBC

Frequency: 225.648 MHz (12B)

On air from: September 1995 (London), 1998 (UK)

Stations Carried

Station ID Bit Rate (kbps) Sound Programme Type (PTY)
BBC Asian Network C236 64 Mono Varied Speech
BBC Radio 1 C221 128 Joint Stereo Pop Music
BBC Radio 1xtra C22A 128 Joint Stereo Other Music
BBC Radio 2 C222 128 Joint Stereo Pop Music
BBC Radio 3 C223 192 Stereo Culture
BBC Radio 4 C224 80 to 128 Mono or Joint Stereo Varied Speech
Daily Service** (9.44am to 10am) N/A 64 Mono N/A
Parlaiment** (8am to 9am) N/A 64 Mono N/A
BBC Radio 4 Extra C22C 80 Mono Varied Speech
BBC Radio 5 Live C225 64 – 80 Mono News
BBC Radio 5 Live Sport Extra* C228 64 Mono Sport
BBC Radio 6 Music C22B 128 Joint Stereo Rock Music
BBC World Service C238 64 Mono Varied Speech

*Part time service, flagged as both a secondary component and main service, so can appear twice in station lists.

**Secondary component.

Note: This multiplex is a dynamic ensemble, bit rates can change to allow for secondary components and pop up services.


A full list of national DAB radio transmitters will follow soon.