Freeview Channel List – Scotland (Relays)

The stations below are available from all TV transmitters within Scotland.

NumberNameBroadcast HoursMultiplex
1BBC One Scotland24 HoursPSB1
2BBC Two24 HoursPSB1
3STV24 HoursPSB2
4Channel 424 HoursPSB2
5Channel 524 HoursPSB2
6ITV224 HoursPSB2
7BBC AlbavariesPSB1
9BBC Scotland12pm to 12amPSB1
10ITV324 HoursPSB2
13E424 HoursPSB2
14Film424 HoursPSB2
15Channel 4 +124 HoursPSB2
18More 424 HoursPSB2
24ITV424 HoursPSB2
28E4 +124 HoursPSB2
33STV +124 HoursPSB2
65TBN UK24 HoursPSB3
68BBC Four7pm to 5.30amPSB1
100Freeview (Information Data Channel)24 HoursPSB2
101BBC One Scotland HD24 HoursPSB3
102BBC Two HD24 HoursPSB3
103STV HD24 HoursPSB3
104Channel 4 HD24 HoursPSB3
105Channel 5 HD24 HoursPSB3
108BBC Scotland HD7pm to 7amPSB3
201CBBC7am to 9pmPSB1
202CBeebies6am to 7pmPSB1
204CBBC HD7am to 7pmPSB3
231BBC News24 HoursPSB1
232BBC Parliament24 HoursPSB1
700BBC Radio 124 HoursPSB1
701BBC Radio 1 Extra24 HoursPSB1
702BBC Radio 224 HoursPSB1
703BBC Radio 324 HoursPSB1
704BBC Radio 424 HoursPSB1
705BBC Radio 5 Live24 HoursPSB1
706BBC Radio 5 Live Sports Extra24 HoursPSB1
707BBC Radio 6 Music24 HoursPSB1
708BBC Radio 4 Extra24 HoursPSB1
709BBC Asian Network24 HoursPSB1
710BBC World Service24 HoursPSB1
719BBC Radio Scotland24 HoursPSB1
720BBC Radio Nan Gaidheal24 HoursPSB1