Virgin Media Channel List

Channel availability subject to change, and will vary depending on channel package. Adult channels are excluded from this list.


  • (HD) High-definition channel.
  • (+1) Timeshift version of channel, number indicates number of hours.
  • (4:3) Channel is in 4:3 aspect ratio, not standard 16:9.
  • Regional variations – Eng = England, NI = Northern Ireland, Scot = Scotland
Channel NumberChannel NameBroadcast HoursBroadcaster
0Live Events Channel (Pay per View)VariesVirgin Media
100Virgin Media Previews (HD)24 hoursVirgin Media
101 (Eng)BBC One24 hoursBBC
101 (NI, Scot, Wales)BBC One (HD)24 hoursBBC
102BBC Two (HD)24 hoursBBC
103 (Eng, ScotBorders, Wales)ITV24 hoursITV plc
103 (NI)UTV24 hoursITV plc
103 (Scot, not ScotBorders)STV (HD)24 hoursSTV Group
104 (London)Channel 4 (HD)24 hoursChannel Four Television Corporation
104 (not London)Channel 424 hoursChannel Four Television Corporation
105Channel 5 (HD)24 hoursViacomCBS
106E424 hoursChannel Four Television Corporation
107BBC Four (HD)7 pm to 5.30 amBBC
108 (Eng)BBC One (HD)24 hoursBBC
108 (Scot)BBC Scotland (HD)7 pm to 12 amBBC
109Sky One (HD)24 hoursSky plc
110Sky One24 hoursSky plc
111Sky Witness (HD)24 hoursSky plc
112Sky Witness24 hoursSky plc
113 (Eng, ScotBorders, Wales)ITV (HD)24 hoursITV plc
113 (NI)UTV (HD)24 hoursITV plc
114 (Eng, ScotBorders, Wales, not CI)ITV (+1)24 hoursITV plc
114 (NI)UTV (+1)24 hoursITV plc
114 (Scot, not ScotBorders)STV (+1)24 hoursSTV Group
115ITV224 hoursITV plc
116ITV2 (+1)24 hoursITV plc
117ITV324 hoursITV plc
118ITV424 hoursITV plc
119ITV Be24 hoursITV plc
120ITV Be (+1)24 hoursITV plc
121Sky Comedy (HD)8 am to 5 amSky plc
122Sky Comedy8 am to 5 amSky plc
123Sky Arts24 hoursSky plc
124Gold (HD)7 am to 4 amUKTV (BBC Studios)
125W6 am to 3 amUKTV (BBC Studios)
126Alibi7 am to 4 amUKTV (BBC Studios)
127Dave7 am to 3 amUKTV (BBC Studios)
128Really4 am to 2 amDiscovery
129Yesterday6 am to 3 amUKTV (BBC Studios)
130Drama6 am to 4 amUKTV (BBC Studios)
131Dave ja vu (+1)8 am to 4 amUKTV (BBC Studios)
132Comedy Central (HD)9 am to 6 amViacomCBS
133Comedy Central (+1)10 am to 7 amViacomCBS
134MTV (HD)6 am to 3 amViacomCBS
135Sky Crime (HD)24 hoursSky plc
136Sky Crime24 hoursSky plc
137Syfy (HD)11 am to 8 amNBC Universal
138Syfy11 am to 8 amNBC Universal
139E! (HD)7 am to 5 amNBC Universal
140E!7 am to 5 amNBC Universal
141 (not London)Channel 4 (HD)24 hoursChannel Four Television Corporation
1434 Seven24 hoursChannel Four Television Corporation
145E4 (HD)24 hoursChannel Four Television Corporation
146E4 (+1)24 hoursChannel Four Television Corporation
147More 49 am to 4 amChannel Four Television Corporation
148CBS Reality24 hoursViacomCBS
149Horror Channel8 am to 5 amViacomCBS
150Paramount Network (HD)24 hoursViacomCBS
1515 Star9 am to 4 amViacomCBS
1525 Select24 hoursViacomCBS
1535 USA9 am to 2 amViacomCBS
154Channel 524 hoursViacomCBS
155Channel 5 (+1)24 hoursViacomCBS
156Sky Arts (HD)24 hoursSky plc
157Fox8 am to 5 amDisney
158Fox (+1)9 am to 6 amDisney
159 (Belfast)NVTV24 hoursNorthern Visions Ltd.
159 (Birmingham and Wolverhampton area)Birmingham TV24 hoursLocal Television Ltd.
159 (Brighton area)Latest TV24 hoursLatest TV Ltd.
159 (Bristol)Bristol TV24 hoursLocal Television Ltd.
159 (Cambridge)That’s TV (Cambridge)24 hoursThat’s TV
159 (Cardiff)Cardiff TV24 hoursLocal Television Ltd.
159 (Grimsby)That’s TV (Humber)6 am to 12 amThat’s TV
159 (Leeds area)Leeds TV24 hoursLocal Television Ltd.
159 (Liverpool, Warrington, parts of Lancashire)Liverpool TV24 hoursLocal Television Ltd.
159 (London)London Live6 am to 12 amESTV Ltd.
159 (Maidstone & Tonbridge)KMTV24 hoursKMTV Television
159 (Norwich)That’s TV (East)5.30 pm to 10.30 pm (M-F)That’s TV
159 (Nottingham)Notts TV6 am to 12 amConfetti Media Group
159 (Sheffield & Rotherham)Sheffield Live TV24 hoursSheffield Community Media Ltd.
159 (Swansea)That’s TV (South Wales)24 hoursThat’s TV
159 (Teesside)Teesside TV24 hoursLocal Television Ltd.
159 (Tyne and Wear)Tyne & Wear TV24 hoursLocal Television Ltd.
160Sky Replay24 hoursSky plc
161BBC AlbavariesBBC/MG Alba
162 (Eng, NI, Wales)BBC Scotland (HD)7 pm to 12 amBBC
164Challenge24 hoursSky plc
165Pick24 hoursSky plc
166S4C (HD)24 hoursS4C Authority
167TLC (HD)24 hoursDiscovery
168Investigation & Discovery24 hoursDiscovery
169Quest (HD)24 hoursDiscovery
170Quest Red24 hoursDiscovery
171DMAX24 hoursDiscovery
172TLC (+1)24 hoursDiscovery
173Investigation & Discovery (+1)24 hoursDiscovery
174ITV3 (+1)24 hoursITV plc
175ITV4 (+1)24 hoursITV plc
176ITV2 (HD)24 hoursITV plc
177ITV3 (HD)24 hoursITV plc
178ITV4 (HD)24 hoursITV plc
179ITV Be (HD)24 hoursITV plc
180Sky Witness (+1)24 hoursSky plc
181Comedy Central9 am to 6 amViacomCBS
182Comedy Central Extra9 am to 6 amViacomCBS
183MTV6 am to 3 amViacomCBS
184BET24 hoursViacomCBS
1855 USA (+1)10 am to 3 amViacomCBS
1865 Star (+1)9 am to 4 amViacomCBS
187Paramount Network24 hoursViacomCBS
189Sony Channel24 hoursSony Pictures Television
190W (+1)7 am to 4 amUKTV (BBC Studios)
191Alibi (+1)8 am to 5 amUKTV (BBC Studios)
192CBS Justice9 am to 6 amViacomCBS
194Gold (+1)8 am to 5 amUKTV (BBC Studios)
195More (HD)9 am to 4 amChannel Four Television Corporation
196More 4 (+1)10 am to 5 amChannel Four Television Corporation
197CBS Drama9 am to 5 amViacomCBS
198YouTube24 hoursGoogle
199Fox (HD)8 am to 5 amDisney
200Yesterday (+1)7 am to 4 amUKTV (BBC Studios)
201CBS Reality (+1)24 hoursViacomCBS
202Horror Channel (+1)9 am to 6 amViacomCBS
2034 Seven (HD)24 hoursChannel Four Television Corporation
204Netflix24 hoursNetflix
205Amazon Prime24 hoursAmazon
207Sky Crime (+1)24 hoursSky plc
208Lifetime (HD)24 hoursA&E Television
209Crime + Investigation (HD)24 hoursA&E Networks
211W (HD)6 am to 3 amUKTV (BBC Studios)
212Alibi (HD)7 am to 4 amUKTV (BBC Studios)
213Quest (+1)24 hoursDiscovery
214DMAX (+1)24 hoursDiscovery
216Blaze24 hoursA&E Networks
222Crime + Investigation (+1)24 hoursA&E Networks
226Drama (+1)7 am to 5 amUKTV (BBC Studios)
227Dave (HD)7 am to 3 amUKTV (BBC Studios)
228Virgin TV Ultra HDas requiredVirgin Media
229Syfy (+1)12 pm to 9 amNBC Universal
245Eden9 am to 6 amUKTV (BBC Studios)
246Eden (+1)10 am to 7 amUKTV (BBC Studios)
247Eden (HD)9 am to 6 amUKTV (BBC Studios)
250Discovery Channel (HD)24 hoursDiscovery
251Animal Planet (HD)24 hoursDiscovery
252Discovery Science24 hoursDiscovery
256Discovery Turbo24 hoursDiscovery
257Discovery History24 hoursDiscovery
258Discovery Channel (+1)24 hoursDiscovery
259Animal Planet (+1)24 hoursDiscovery
260Discovery Science (+1)24 hoursDiscovery
261Discovery History (+1)24 hoursDiscovery
265Nat Geo Wild (HD)8 am to 5 amNational Geographic Society / Disney
266National Geographic Channel8 am to 5 amNational Geographic / Disney
267National Geographic Channel (+1)9 am to 6 amNational Geographic / Disney
268National Geographic Channel (HD)8 am to 5 amNational Geographic / Disney
269Together TV24 hoursCommunity Channel
270Sky History (HD)8 am to 5 amA&E Networks / Sky plc
271Sky History (+1)9 am to 6 amA&E Networks / Sky plc
272Sky History 2 (HD)8 am to 5 amA&E Networks / Sky plc
273PBS America24 hoursPBS
274Forces TV24 hoursServices Sound & Vision Corporation (SSVC)
275Love Nature (HD)24 hoursBlue Ant Media
276Smithsonian Channel (HD)24 hoursSmithsonian Institute
277Sky Documentaries (HD)24 hoursSky plc
279Sky Nature (HD)24 hoursSky plc
285Food Network6 am to 3 amDiscovery
286HGTV7 am to 4 amDiscovery
287Discovery Home & Health24 hoursDiscovery
288Discovery Shed24 hoursDiscovery
290HGTV (+1)8 am to 5 amDiscovery
291Discovery Home & Health (+1)24 hoursDiscovery
292God Channel24 hoursThe Angel Foundation
300New Music on Demand24 hoursVirgin Media
310MTV Music6 am to 3 amViacomCBS
311MTV Live (HD)24 hoursViacomCBS
312MTV Hits6 am to 3 amViacomCBS
313MTV Base6 am to 3 amViacomCBS
316MTV Classic6 am to 3 amViacomCBS
335The Box24 hoursChannel Four Television Corporation
336Box Hits24 hoursChannel Four Television Corporation
3374 Music24 hoursChannel Four Television Corporation
338Kiss24 hoursChannel Four Television Corporation
340Magic24 hoursChannel Four Television Corporation
342Kerrang24 hoursChannel Four Television Corporation
345Clubland TV24 hoursAll Around the World Productions
346Now 80s24 hoursAll Around the World Productions
347Now 90s24 hoursAll Around the World Productions
348Now 70s24 hoursAll Around the World Productions
400Virgin Movies and Store24 hoursFilm Flex/ Virgin Media
401Sky Cinema Premiere (HD)24 hoursSky plc
402Sky Cinema Select (HD)24 hoursSky plc
403Sky Cinema Hits (HD)24 hoursSky plc
404Sky Cinema Greats (HD)24 hoursSky plc
405Sky Cinema Disney (HD)24 hoursSky plc
406Sky Cinema Family (HD)24 hoursSky plc
407Sky Cinema Action (HD)24 hoursSky plc
408Sky Cinema Comedy (HD)24 hoursSky plc
409Sky Cinema Thriller (HD)24 hoursSky plc
410Sky Cinema Drama (HD)24 hoursSky plc
411Sky Cinema Sci Fi & Horror (HD)24 hoursSky plc
412Sky Cinema Animation (HD)24 hoursSky plc
415TCM Movies24 hoursWarnerMedia
416TCM Movies (HD)24 hoursWarnerMedia
417TCM Movies +124 hoursWarnerMedia
419Movies 2424 hoursNBCUniversal
420Movies 24 +124 hoursNBCUniversal
424Sony Movies Classic24 hoursSony Pictures Television
425Sony Movies24 hoursSony Pictures Television
426Sony Movies Action24 hoursSony Pictures Television
428Film 424 hoursChannel Four Television Corporation
429Film 4 (HD)24 hoursChannel Four Television Corporation
430Film 4 +124 hoursChannel Four Television Corporation
445Talking Pictures TV24 hoursTalking Pictures TV Ltd.
501Sky Sports Main Event (HD)24 hoursSky plc
502Sky Sports Premiere League (HD)24 hoursSky plc
503Sky Sports Football (HD)24 hoursSky plc
504Sky Sports Cricket (HD)24 hoursSky plc
505Sky Sports Golf (HD)24 hoursSky plc
506Sky Sports F1 (HD)24 hoursSky plc
507Sky Sports Action / NFL (HD)24 hoursSky plc
508Sky Sports Arena (HD)24 hoursSky plc
509Sky Sports News (HD)24 hoursSky plc
510Sky Sports Mix (HD)24 hoursSky plc
511Sky Sports Main Event24 hoursSky plc
512Sky Sports Premiere League24 hoursSky plc
513Sky Sports Football24 hoursSky plc
514Sky Sports Cricket24 hoursSky plc
515Sky Sports Golf24 hoursSky plc
516Sky Sports F124 hoursSky plc
517Sky Sports Action24 hoursSky plc
518Sky Sports Arena24 hoursSky plc
519Sky Sports News24 hoursSky plc
520Sky Sports Mix24 hoursSky plc
521Eurosport 1 (HD)24 hoursDiscovery
522Eurosport 2 (HD)24 hoursDiscovery
526MUTV (Manchester United)24 hoursManchester United
527BT Sport 1 (HD)24 hoursBT Group plc
528BT Sport 2 (HD)24 hoursBT Group plc
529BT Sport 3 (HD)24 hoursBT Group plc
530BT Sport ESPN (HD)24 hoursBT Group plc
531BT Sport Ultimate (4K UHD)24 hoursBT Group plc
535Sky Sports Racing (HD)24 hoursSky plc / Arena Racing Company
536Racing TV (HD)24 hoursRacing TV
544LFC TV (HD)24 hoursLiverpool Football Club
546Box Nation24 hoursBoxing Channel Media Ltd.
551Premier Sports 1 (HD)24 hoursPremier Media
552Premier Sports 2 (HD)24 hoursPremier Media
553FreeSports (HD)24 hoursPremier Media
554LaLiga TV (HD)24 hoursPremier Media
601BBC News (HD)24 hoursBBC
602Sky News (HD)24 hoursSky plc
603Sky News24 hoursSky plc
605BBC Parliament24 hoursBBC
607CNN International EMEA24 hoursWarnerMedia
609Bloomberg Television (HD)24 hoursBloomberg
613CNBC Europe24 hoursNBC Universal
620Euronews24 hoursMedia Globe Networks/NBC
621NDTV 24x7 (4:3)24 hoursNew Delhi Television Ltd
622Al Jazeera24 hoursAl Jazeera
624France 24 English (HD)24 hoursFrance Médias Monde
625NNK World (HD)24 hoursNHK
700Kids TV on Demand24 hoursVirgin Media
701CBBC (HD)7 am to 9 pmBBC
702Cbeebies (HD)6 am to 7 pmBBC
703Baby TV24 hoursDisney
704Cartoon Network24 hoursWarnerMedia
705Cartoon Network (+1)24 hoursWarnerMedia
706Cartoonito4 am to 9 pmWarnerMedia
712Nickelodeon3 am to 12 amViacomCBS
713Nickelodeon (+1)4 am to 1 amViacomCBS
714Nickelodeon (HD)3 am to 12 amViacomCBS
715Nick Jr.3 am to 12 amViacomCBS
716Nick Jr. Too3 am to 12 amViacomCBS
717Nicktoons24 hoursViacomCBS
725Disney Channel (+1) (to close)7 am to 1 pmDisney
730Boomerang24 hoursWarnerMedia
731Boomerang (+1)24 hoursWarnerMedia
732Cartoon Network (HD)24 hoursWarnerMedia
734CITV6 am to 9 pmITV plc
736Pop24 hoursSony Pictures Television
737Tiny Pop24 hoursSony Pictures Television
740QVC24 hoursQVC
741QVC Beauty24 hoursQVC
742QVC Style24 hoursQVC
747Ideal World24 hoursIdeal Shopping Direct Ltd.
748Create & Craft24 hoursIdeal Shopping Direct Ltd.
755Gems TV24 hoursGemporia Ltd.
756Jewellery Maker24 hoursJewellery Maker Ltd.
757TJC (HD)24 hoursThe Jewellery Channel Ltd.
800Desi Entertainment24 hoursEros International / Viacom 18
801Star Gold (HD)24 hoursDisney
802Star Bharat24 hoursDisney
803Star Plus (HD)24 hoursDisney
805Sony Entertainment TV (HD)24 hoursSony Pictures Television
806Sony Max (HD)24 hoursSony Pictures Television
807Sony SAB TV24 hoursSony Pictures Television
808Sony Max 224 hoursSony Pictures Television
809Zee TV24 hoursZee Entertainment Enterprises
810Zee Cinema (HD)24 hoursZee Entertainment Enterprises
815B4U Movies24 hoursB4U Network Ltd.
816B4U Music24 hoursB4U Network Ltd.
826Colors24 hoursViacom18 (Viacom / TV18)
827Colors Rishtey24 hoursViacom18 (Viacom / TV18)
828Colors Cineplex24 hoursViacom18 (Viacom / TV18)
829NDTV Good Times (4:3)24 hoursNew Delhi Television Ltd
831Al Jazeera Arabic24 hoursAl Jazeera
833Hum Europe (4:3)24 hoursHum Network Ltd.
837NDTV Spice (4:3)24 hoursNew Delhi Television Ltd
838Islam Channel (4:3)24 hoursMohamed Ali Harrath
839Islam Channel Urdu24 hoursIslam Channel (Urdu) Ltd.
851BBC One (AD)24 hoursBBC
852BBC Two (AD)24 hoursBBC
853ITV (AD)24 hoursITV plc
854Channel 4 (AD)24 hoursChannel Four Television Corporation
855Channel 5 (AD)24 hoursViacomCBS
856S4C (AD)7am to 12amS4C Authority
858 (some regions)BBC One (alternative region)24 hoursBBC
861BBC One (London)24 hoursBBC
862BBC One (Scotland)24 hoursBBC
863BBC One (Northern Ireland)24 hoursBBC
864BBC One (Wales)24 hoursBBC
865BBC Two24 hoursBBC
870 (some regions)ITV (alternative region)24 hoursITV plc
871 (some regions)ITV (alternative region)24 hoursITV plc
875 (NI)RTÉ One24 hoursRaidió TeilifÃs Éireann
876 (NI)RTÉ224 hoursRaidió TeilifÃs Éireann
877 (NI)TG424 hoursTeilifÃs na Gaeilge
901BBC Radio 124 hoursBBC
902BBC Radio 224 hoursBBC
903BBC Radio 324 hoursBBC
904BBC Radio 424 hoursBBC
905BBC Radio 5 Live24 hoursBBC
906BBC World Service24 hoursBBC
907BBC Radio 1Xtra24 hoursBBC
908BBC Radio 5 Live Sports Extra24 hoursBBC
909BBC Radio 6 Music24 hoursBBC
910BBC Radio 4 Extra24 hoursBBC
911BBC Radio 4 (LW)24 hoursBBC
912BBC Asian Network24 hoursBBC
913BBC Radio Cymru 224 hoursBBC
915Absolute Radio24 hoursBauer Media
916Smooth Radio24 hoursGlobal
917RTÉ Radio 124 hoursRaidió Teilifís Éireann
918Heart (London)24 hoursGlobal
919LBC (London)24 hoursGlobal
920WRN Europe24 hoursWRN Broadcast
921Heart 80s24 hoursGlobal
922Classic FM24 hoursGlobal
923Gold24 hoursGlobal
924Planet Rock24 hoursBauer Media
927Talksport24 hoursWireless Group
928Magic24 hoursBauer Media
930BBC Radio Scotland24 hoursBBC
931BBC Radio Wales24 hoursBBC
932BBC Radio Ulster24 hoursBBC
933BBC Radio Foyle24 hoursBBC
934BBC Radio nan Gàidheal24 hoursBBC
936BBC Radio Cymru24 hoursBBC
937BBC Radio London24 hoursBBC
951Absolute 80s24 hoursBauer Media
952Absolute Classic Rock24 hoursBauer Media
958Capital (London)24 hoursGlobal
960Radio X24 hoursGlobal
963Kiss24 hoursBauer Media
968PIN Help24 hoursVirgin Media
985PIN Help24 hoursVirgin Media
991BBC Red Button 124 hoursBBC
997Get Moving24 hours (Monday to Friday)Virgin Media
998Virgin Media Previews24 hoursVirgin Media
999Virgin TV Ultra HDas requiredVirgin Media