Rewind TV Launches

Rewind TV, and independently operated TV channel dedicated to showing classic British TV shows, launched on 23rd May (2024). The channel is available free-to-air on satellite.

So far, the channel is only available on Sky (satellite, Sky HD/Sky Q) channel 190. Although not on Freesat yet, the channel is free-to-air, so can be manually tuned in on Freesat boxes in non-Freesat mode and generic satellite receivers. The channel broadcasts in the older DVBS format, meaning standard definition receivers can also access the channel (though the number of such receivers is in decline with Sky, BBC, and ITV moving to HD only broadcasts).

Rewind TV is yet to launch on cable or terrestrial platforms, and is also absent from Sky’s Sky Stream (and Sky Glass) broadband delivered service. Rewind TV has stated that it plans to expand to other platforms in the future, but capacity restrictions on Freeview (and the fact it already broadcasts on satellite), mean a launch on Virgin Media (cable) and Freesat is more probable.