Freesat Scraps Remote Recording

Freesat has removed remote recording functionaility from its mobile apps. Remote recording allowed users to programme recordings on compatible Freesat recievers remotely via their mobile phone (when both devices were connected to the internet).

The change is as a result of Freesat removing the Freesat ID accounts from its internal systems, which is required for remote recording to work. The has rendered the mobile app to little more that an electronic programme guide. The change impacts users of both the latest generation of Freesat recorder boxes, and those of older models such as the Humax Aura and Humax FVP-5000t.

Freesat merged with Freeview a few years back to form Everyone TV, wand it would appears that a period of rationilsation is now underway, with systems being merged whereever possible. Everyone TV are currently developing Freely, as part of broadcasters plans to cut ditribution costs by migrating users to platforms delivered via the internet (often referred to as IP distrubution).

Despite Sky and Freesat both sharing the same satellites, many free-to-air channels are opting not to be included within the Freesat EPG, with some even leaving the platform, such as Narrative’s Great and Pop branded channels. Coupled with the removal of remote recording, Freesat viewers (typically but not exclusively in rural areas with poor broadand) seem to be suffering from a degraded viewing experience.