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Welcome to the All About Digital TV website. This website is the home for all things TV and digital radio related. The website takes a magazine style format, with a variety of news articles, features, reviews, and information resources available for you to browse. These can be accessed from the menu on the left.

Content is grouped by platform, and you’ll find dedicated sections for cable, satellite, and terrestrial TV amongst others. Some radio content is also available focussing primarily on digital radio, and some features on community radio will transfer here in early 2022.

It is not possible to offer advice on individual television installations, due to the many variations of set-up and equipment that are possible. However, general comments and tips may be provided where appropriate. Consult a local reputable installer for specific advice on your installation, and please be carefully if taking a DIY approach. Only attempt work yourself if you are competent and appropriately trained.

Radio In Malta

Sister website Radio In Malta provides a host of radio related information, aimed at both residents and visitors of Malta and Gozo. See the website by visiting radioinmalta.com.


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