All About Digital TV is the home for all things digital TV, whether via satellite, cable, terrestrial or online. Major digital radio stories are also covered, although radio resources in general have now been discontinued.

All About Digital TV has stable ownership, and has only had one owner since it’s inception as TelevisionSRS in 2019. The website is ideally placed to serve this market for sometime to come, although time constraints can me updates are sometimes sporadic.

Besides a general news section, each platform has its own section of the website, packed with news and useful resources, with much more to come. Lastly, a reviews and useful links section completes the site.

Unfortunately, we are not able to offer advice on individual television installations, but may be able to provide general guidance. For help with television installations, websites such as Digital TV UK (see Useful Links page) may be able to offer the information you require. Alternatively, consult a local reputable installer.

News Provision

The website is aimed at viewers and listeners, not the industry. Therefore, we don’t cover board member and personnel changes, or small changes of ownership. Beyond that, all stories deemed to be relevant and of interest to viewers and listeners in the UK and ROI are covered where possible.

As there are numerous online platforms, this website generally only covers the main ones, namely BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, All4, My5, TV Player, Pluto TV, Amazon Prime Video, and Netflix. Numerous others are available, and major stories may extend beyond this list.


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You can email using scott[at]digitaltv.org.uk (replace [at] with the @ symbol). The website is not active on social media.

Transparency, Sources of Information, and Technical Information

All About Digital TV is operated by an individual, who for privacy reasons is only identified as ‘Scott’. This website currently receives no funding from external sources, with all costs met by the author. Adverts are not carried.

Where possible, channel list information is obtained from the platforms provider. This may be supplemented by data from the ‘TV Channel Lists’ website, or the ‘UK DTT Freeview Channels’ website.

News articles are compiled using data from the Advanced Television, Digital TV Europe, and Media Mole websites (links to these are on the Useful Links page), supplemented with broadcaster and platform press releases, and direct author observations, where appropriate. Reader reports (sometimes from social media and internet forums) may be used if the information is believed to be from an accurate or reliable source.

Important notice: No content has been transferred here from the now closed a516digital website. Any suggestion that this has taken place, or that permission to do so was given, is false.

Technical Information

The website has been developed from the ground up, using the WordPress platform and hosted on servers operated by our supplier The Media Site UK Ltd. No websites or content have been acquired, and no content licensing or sharing arrangements are in place.

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Whilst many news websites often use quotes, by default quotes are excluded from all news articles on this website, unless they add value to the story or are required to fully explain events. This is to ensure that articles are concise, and easy to read, whilst preventing stories from being clouded by individuals or companies opinions.

Authors Opinions

The Reviews section is heavily influenced by the authors opinions. The rest of the website aims to be fully impartial, but unconscious bias may be present. Additionally, in personal capacity the author is entitled to voice opinions, both positive and negative, and this may extend to rival websites. These are always valid, and contain no false information.

False Accusations

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