Freesat Channel List

Page under construction. Some channels have HD versions, with the receiver usually allocating the most prominent number to the HD version if your equipment is HD compatible.

101BBC One (SD) or HD if available in region24 hoursBBC
102BBC Two HD24 hoursBBC
103ITV, STV, or UTV (region dependant)24 hoursITV plc (ITV & UTV) or STV plc (STV)
104Channel 424 hoursChannel 4
105Channel 5 HD24 hoursViacomCBS
106BBC One HD (national version)24 hoursBBC
107BBC Four HD7pm to 5.30amBBC
108BBC Scotland HDBBC
109BBC AlbaBBC
111ITV HD (except Channel Islands) or UTV HDITV plc
112ITV +124 hoursITV plc
113ITV224 hoursITV plc
114ITV2 +124 hoursITV plc
115ITV324 hoursITV plc
116ITV3 +124 hoursITV plc
117ITV424 hoursITV plc
118ITV Be24 hoursITV plc
119ITV Be +124 hoursITV plc
120S4C HD24 hoursChannel 4
121Channel 4 +124 hoursChannel 4
122E424 hoursChannel 4
123E4 +124 hoursChannel 4
124More 424 hoursChannel 4
125More 4 +124 hoursChannel 4
1274 Seven24 hoursChannel 4
128Channel 5 +124 hoursViacomCBS
1295 USA9am to 4amViacomCBS
1305 USA +110am to 5amViacomCBS
1315 Star9am to 4amViacomCBS
132Paramount Network24 hoursViacomCBS
1335 Select24 hoursViacomCBS
134CBS Drama9am to 5amViacomCBS
135CBS Reality9am to 6amViacomCBS
136CBS Reality +110am to 7amViacomCBS
137CBS Justice9am to 6amViacomCBS
138Horror8am to 5amViacomCBS
139Horror +19am to 6amViacomCBS
1415 Star +110am to 5amViacomCBS
142Sony Channel24 hoursSony
143Sony Channel +124 hoursSony
144Pick24 hoursSky
145Pick +124 hoursSky
146Challenge24 hoursSky
147Pick (HD)24 hoursSky
148Food Network6am to 3amDiscovery
149Food Network +17am to 4amDiscovery
150DMAX24 hoursDiscovery
151DMAX +124 hoursDiscovery
154ITV4 +124 hoursITV plc
155PBS America24 hoursPBS UK LLC
157Dave7am to 3amUKTV (BBC Studios)
158Drama8am to 5amUKTV (BBC Studios)
159Yesterday8am to 5amUKTV (BBC Studios)
160Really4am to 2amDiscovery
162Blaze24 hoursA + E Television Networks
164Together TV24 hoursThe Community Channel
165Forces TV24 hoursServices Sound & Vision Corporation
166HGTV7am to 4amDiscovery
167Quest HD24 hoursDiscovery
169Quest +124 hoursDiscovery
169Quest Red24 hoursDiscovery
170Quest Red +124 hoursDiscovery
171Yanga24 hoursChiswick Park Studios Ltd
172Quest (SD)24 hoursDiscovery
173BBC Four (SD)7pm to 4amBBC
174BBC Scotland (SD)7pm to 12amBBC
175Smithsonian Channel HD24 hoursSmithsonian Networks
176Live 36024 hoursLive Entertainment Ltd
200BBC News HD24 hoursBBC
201BBC Parliament24 hoursBBC
202Sky News24 hoursSky
203Al Jazeera English24 hoursAl Jazeera
205France 24 English HD24 hoursFrance Médias Monde
206RT HD24 hoursRIA Novosti
207CNN International24 hoursTime Warner
208Bloomberg HD24 hoursBloomberg
209NHK World-Japan HD24 hoursNHK
210CNBC24 hoursNBCUniversal
211CGTN HD24 hoursChina Central Television
212BBC News (SD)24 hoursBBC
214Arirang TV24 hoursKorea International Broadcasting Foundation
215TRT World HD24 hoursTurkish Radio and Television Corporation
252Freesports HD24 hoursPremier Media
300Film 411am to 4amChannel 4
301Film 4 +112pm to 5amChannel 4
302Sony Movies24 hoursSony
303Sony Movies Classic24 hoursSony
304Sony Movies Classic +124 hoursSony
305Sony Movies Action24 hoursSony
306Talking Pictures24 hoursTalking Pictures TV
516Spotlight24 hoursKeep It County TV Ltd.
600CBBC HD7am to 9pmBBC
601CBeebies HD6am to 7pmBBC
602CITV6am to 9pmITV plc
603Pop24 hoursSony
604Pop Max24 hoursSony
605Tiny Pop24 hoursSony
607CBBC (SD)7am to 9pmBBC
608CBeebies (SD)6am to 7pmBBC
690Inspiration TV24 hoursThe Inspiration Network
691Daystar HD24 hoursDaystar Television Network
692Revelation24 hoursRevelation TV Ltd
694God Channel24 hoursThe Angel Foundation
695SonLife Broadcasting Network24 hoursJimmy Swaggart Ministries
700BBC Radio 124 hoursBBC
701BBC Radio 1 Xtra24 hoursBBC
702BBC Radio 224 hoursBBC
703BBC Radio 324 hoursBBC
704BBC Radio 4 (FM)24 hoursBBC
705BBC Radio 5 Live24 hoursBBC
706BBC Radio 5 Live Sports Extra24 hoursBBC
707BBC Radio 6 Music24 hoursBBC
708BBC Radio 4 Extra24 hoursBBC
709BBC Asian Network24 hoursBBC
710BBC Radio 4 (LW)24 hoursBBC
711BBC World Service24 hoursBBC
712BBC Radio Scotland24 hoursBBC
713BBC Radio nan Gàidheal24 hoursBBC
714BBC Radio Wales24 hoursBBC
715BBC Radio Cymru24 hoursBBC
716BBC Radio Ulster24 hoursBBC