Freeview 5G Clearance Retune Dates

Newton TV Transmitter
Newton relay Freeview transmitter.

In order to make frequencies available for 5G services, some Freeview transmitters are changing frequency.

A re-tune will be required on the dates below in order to restore channels. Depending on the transmitter, not all channels may change frequency. Some transmitters change frequencies in multiple stages, so more than one retune may be required in some areas.

Services are likely to be disrupted. As a guide, re-tunes should be take place after 6am for main transmitters, or early afternoon for relays.

The table below contains a list of upcoming re-tune dates.

For help, contact contact the Freeview Advice Line for support onĀ 03456 505050.

Transmitter (s)
Area Served Retune Date