Freeview Channel List – Channel Islands

Page last updated on April 25th, 2020 at 07:19 pm

The Freeview service in the Channel Islands consists of a modified version of the relay service available on mainland Britain. ITV Be is carried in place of ITV +1. There is no HD version of ITV currently broadcast.

There might be spillover TV reception from continental Europe. The receiver will allocate any of these services numbers in the 800 range.

Channels with orange numbers require DVB-T2 equipment to view (eg. Freeview HD or Freeview Play), although are in standard definition. Green numbers indicate a HD channel.

Channel No.Channel NameBroadcast HoursMultiplex
1BBC One24 HoursBBC A
2BBC Two24 HoursBBC A
3ITV24 HoursD3&4 (ITV & Channel 4)
4Channel 424 HoursD3&4 (ITV & Channel 4)
5Channel 524 HoursD3&4 (ITV & Channel 4)
6ITV224 HoursD3&4 (ITV & Channel 4)
9BBC Four7pm to 5.30amBBC A
10ITV324 HoursD3&4 (ITV & Channel 4)
13E424 HoursD3&4 (ITV & Channel 4)
14Film 424 HoursD3&4 (ITV & Channel 4)
15Channel 4 +124 HoursD3&4 (ITV & Channel 4)
18More 424 HoursD3&4 (ITV & Channel 4)
24ITV424 HoursD3&4 (ITV & Channel 4)
26ITV Be24 HoursD3&4 (ITV & Channel 4)
28E4 +124 HoursD3&4 (ITV & Channel 4)
65TBN UK24 HoursBBC B
100Freeview (Information Channel)24 HoursD3&4 (ITV & Channel 4)
101BBC One HD24 HoursBBC B
102BBC Two HD24 HoursBBC B
104Channel 4 HD24 HoursBBC B
105Channel 5 HD24 HoursBBC B
201CBBC7am to 9pmBBC A
202CBeebies6amto 7pmBBC A
204CBBC HD7am to 9pmBBC B
231BBC News24 HoursBBC A
232BBC Parliament24 HoursBBC A
250BBC Red Button (Data)24 HoursBBC A
601BBC Red Button 124 HoursBBC A
700BBC Radio 124 HoursBBC A
701BBC Radio 1xtra24 HoursBBC A
702BBC Radio 224 HoursBBC A
703BBC Radio 324 HoursBBC A
704BBC Radio 424 HoursBBC A
705BBC Radio 5 Live24 HoursBBC A
706BBC Radio 5 Live Sports Extra24 HoursBBC A
707BBC Radio 6 Music24 HoursBBC A
708BBC Radio 4 Extra24 HoursBBC A
709BBC Asian Network24 HoursBBC A
710BBC World Service24 HoursBBC A
719BBC Radio Jersey24 HoursBBC A
721BBC Radio Guernsey24 HoursBBC A