Freeview Channel List

Page last updated on February 17th, 2021 at 05:06 pm

Most channels are listed as broadcasting 24 hours, but may relay other services or show teleshopping at some times.

This list is currently for the whole of the UK, and does not show all regional variations.

Last Update: 08/09/2021. Corrections following services changes, and addition of missing information.
ChannelChannel No.Broadcast HoursMultiplexBroadcaster/
Channel Owner
BBC One124 hoursPSB1BBC
BBC Two224 hoursPSB1BBC
ITV3 (Eng, Scot Borders, Wales)24 hoursPSB2ITV plc
UTV3 (NI)24 hoursPSB2ITV plc
STV3 (Scot not Scot Borders)24 hoursPSB2STV Group plc
Channel 44 (Eng, NI, Scot)24 hoursPSB2Channel 4
S4C4 (Wales)24 hoursPSB2S4C Authority
Channel 5524 hoursPSB2ViacomCBS
ITV2624 hoursPSB2ITV plc
Local TV (Region Dependent)7variesLOCALvarious
BBC Alba7 (Scot)VariesPSB1BBC
Channel 47 (Wales)24 hoursPSB2Channel 4
Local TV (Region Dependent)824 hoursLOCAL
BBC Four9 (Eng, NI, Wales)7 pm to 5.30 amPSB1BBC
BBC Scotland9 (Scot)7 pm to 5.30 amPSB1BBC
ITV31024 hoursPSB2ITV plc
Sky Arts1124 hoursCOM5Sky
Quest1224 hoursCOM4Discovery
1324 hoursPSB2 (COM4 in Wales)Channel 4
Film 41424 hoursPSB2Channel 4
Channel 4 +11524 hoursPSB2Channel 4
QVC1624 hoursCOM4
Really1724 hoursCOM5Discovery
More 41824 hoursPSB2Channel 4
Dave1924 hoursCOM5UKTV (BBC Studios)
Drama2024 hoursCOM4UKTV (BBC Studios)
5 USA2124 hoursCOM4ViacomCBS
Ideal World227am to 12am
Dave Ja Vu (Dave +1)23UKTV (BBC Studios)
BBC Four24 (Scot)7 pm to 5.30 amPSB1BBC
ITV42524 hoursPSB2ITV plc
Yesterday2624 hoursUKTV (BBC Studios)
ITV Be2724 hoursITV plc
ITV2 +1287am to 3amITV plc
E4 +12924 hoursPSB2Channel 4
4 Music3024 hoursChannel 4
5 Star3124 hoursViacomCBS
Paramount Network3224 hoursViacomCBS
Great! Movies3324 hours
ITV +13424 hoursPSB2
Pick3524 hoursCOM5Sky plc
QVC Beauty364am to 2am
QVC Style372am to 4am
DMAX3824 hoursDiscovery
Quest Red3924 hoursDiscovery
CBS Justice4024 hoursViacomCBS
Great! Movies Action4124 hours
Food Network4224 hoursDiscovery
HGTV4324 hoursDiscovery
Gems TV4424 hours
Channel 5 +14524 hoursViacomCBS
Film 4 +14624 hoursChannel 4
Challenge4724 hoursSky
4 Seven4824 hoursChannel 4
Great! TV4924 hoursLOCAL
TJC5024 hours
Great! Movies Classic5124 hoursLOCAL
TG4 (Northern Ireland only)5224 hoursNImux
RTÉ One (Northern Ireland only)5324 hoursNImuxRTÉ
RTÉ2 (Northern Ireland only)5424 hoursNImuxRTÉ
5 Select5524 hoursPSB3ViacomCBS
Smithsonian Channel5624 hoursCOM5Smithsonian Institute/ ViacomCBS
ITV Be +1573am to 5amCOM4ITV plc
ITV3 +158n/kCOM4ITV plc
ITV4 +1595am to 7amCOM4ITV plc
Great! Movies +16024 hoursLOCAL
Great! TV+16124 hoursG MAN
Great! Movies Classic +16224 hoursG MAN
Blaze635am to 2amCOM4
Freesports6424 hoursCOM7
TBN UK6524 hoursPSB3
CBS Reality6624 hoursCOM4ViacomCBS
CBS Drama6624 hoursCOM6ViacomCBS
Horror6824 hoursCOM4
Quest +169COM5Discovery
Quest Red +170COM7Discovery
Jewellery Maker718am to 1pm
Shopping Quarter72
Drama +173COM4UKTV (BBC Studios)
Yesterday +174COM5UKTV (BBC Studios)
Now 70s75G MANAll Around the World Productions
Now 80s76COM7All Around the World Productions
TCC773am to 5amCOM4
Now 90s78G MANAll Around the World Productions
Clubland TV79G MANAll Around the World Productions
Blaze +1802am to 3am
Talking Pictures81
Together TV827am to 3am
PBS America84
Craft Store TV857am to 7pm
More 4 +186
PBS America +1871pm to 11pm
Country Music Entertainment8824 hoursG MAN
TV Warehouse90G MAN
That's TV Gold9124 hoursCOM7That's TV
Ideal Extra94LOCAL
Create and Craft95
Forces TV96
Manchester TV99G MAN
Freeview (Data/Freeview play portal)100PSB2
BBC One HD10124 hoursPSB3BBC
BBC Two HD10224 hoursPSB3BBC
ITV HD10324 hoursPSB3ITV plc
Channel 4 HD10424 hoursPSB3
Channel 5 HD10524 hoursPSB3ViacomCBS
BBC News HD10724 hoursCOM7BBC
BBC Scotland HD (Scotland only)1087pm to 12amPSB3BBC
QVC HD1114am to 2amCOM7
QVC Beauty HD1122am to 4amCOM7
Quest HD114COM7Discovery
CBBC2017am to 9pmPSB1BBC
CBeebies2026am to 7pmPSB1BBC
CITV2036am to 9pmCOM4ITV plc
CBBC HD2047am to 9pm (7am to 7pm in Scotland)PSB3BBC
CBeebies HD2056am to 7pmCOM7BBC
Tiny Pop2076am to 10pmLOCAL
Pop Max208G MAN
Ketchup (streamed service)21124 hours
Yaaas (streamed channel)21224 hours
BBC News23124 hoursPSB1BBC
BBC Parliament23224 hoursPSB1BBC
Sky News23324 hoursCOM5Sky
Al Jazeera English235COM6
GB News23624 hoursCOM6
BBC Red Button (data)250BBC
Kiss Chat & Date (data)252
Proud Dating (data)253
Sonlife (streamed channel)263
Vision TV (streamed channel)264
On-demand 365 (streamed channel)265
Arise News (streamed channel)269
Channelbox (streamed channel)271
BBC Red Button 160124 hoursPSB1BBC
BBC Radio 170024 hoursPSB1BBC
BBC Radio 1 Xtra70124 hoursPSB1BBC
BBC Radio 270224 hoursPSB1BBC
BBC Radio 370324 hoursPSB1BBC
BBC Radio 470424 hoursPSB1BBC
BBC Radio 5 Live70524 hoursPSB1BBC
BBC Radio 5 Live Sports Extra70624 hoursPSB1BBC
BBC Radio 6 Music70724 hoursPSB1BBC
BBC Radio 4 Extra70824 hoursPSB1BBC
BBC Asian Network70924 hoursPSB1BBC
BBC World Service71024 hoursPSB1BBC
Hits Radio71124 hoursCOM6Bauer Media
Kiss Fresh71224 hoursCOM6Bauer Media
Kiss71324 hoursCOM6Bauer Media
Kisstory71424 hoursCOM6Bauer Media
Magic71524 hoursCOM6Bauer Media
Greatest Hits Radio71624 hoursCOM6Bauer Media
Kerrang71724 hoursCOM6Bauer Media
Smooth Radio71824 hoursCOM6Global
BBC Local Radio (region dependent)71924 hoursPSB1BBC
BBC Radio Newcastle719 (North East and Cumbria)24 hoursPSB1BBC
BBC Radio Scotland719 (Scot)24 hoursPSB1BBC
BBC Local Radio (region dependent)72024 hoursPSB1BBC
BBC Local Radio (region dependent)72124 hoursPSB1BBC
BBC Local Radio (region dependent)72224 hoursPSB1BBC
BBC Radio Tees722 (North East and Cumbria)24 hoursPSB1BBC
Talk Sport72324 hoursCOM5Wireless Group
Capital72424 hoursCOM4Global
Premier Christian72524 hoursCOM6
BBC Local Radio (region dependent)72624 hoursPSB1
Absolute Radio72724 hoursCOM4Bauer Media
Heart72824 hoursCOM4Global
RTÉ RnaG729 (Northern Ireland only)24 hoursNImuxRTÉ
RNIB Connect73024 hoursCOM5
Classic FM73124 hoursCOM5Global
LBC73224 hoursCOM5Global
TWR (Trans World Radio)73324 hoursCOM5
BBC Local Radio (region dependent)73424 hoursPSB1BBC
BBC Local Radio (region dependent)73524 hoursPSB1BBC