Sky Channel List UK

Sky operate a channel number swap system for HD channels. Each HD channel has a main number and a number in the 800s. Depending on the receiver or subscription package, you may see the HD version first, with the SD version in the 800s range, or vice versa. For simplicity, this list gives the HD version in the most prominent position, unless a channel has regions without a HD version.


  • (HD) High-definition channel.
  • (+1) Timeshift version of channel, number indicates number of hours.
  • (4:3) Channel is in 4:3 aspect ratio, not standard 16:9.
  • (R) Radio channel.
  • Regional variations – Eng = England, NI = Northern Ireland, Scot = Scotland
Channel NumberChannel NameBroadcast HoursBroadcaster/
Channel Owner
101 (Eng)BBC One24 hoursBBC
101 (NI, Scot, Wales)BBC One (HD)24 hoursBBC
102 (Eng, Scot, Wales)BBC Two (HD)24 hoursBBC
102 (NI)BBC Two24 hoursBBC
103 (Eng-parts, ScotBorders)ITV24 hoursITV plc
103 (Eng-parts, Wales)ITV (HD)24 hoursITV plc
103 (NI)UTV (HD)24 hoursITV plc
103 (Scot, not ScotBorders)STV (HD)24 hoursSTV Group
104 (Eng, NI, Scot)Channel 424 hoursChannel Four Television Corporation
104 (London)Channel 4 (HD)24 hoursChannel Four Television Corporation
104 (Wales)S4C (HD)24 hoursS4C Authority
105Channel 5 (HD)24 hoursViacomCBS
106Sky One (HD)24 hoursSky plc
107Sky Witness (HD)24 hoursSky plc
108Sky Atlantic (HD)24 hoursSky plc
109W (HD)6 am to 3 amUKTV (BBC Studios)
110Gold (HD)7 am to 4 amUKTV (BBC Studios)
111Dave (HD)7 am to 3 amUKTV (BBC Studios)
112Comedy Central (HD)9 am to 6 amViacomCBS
113Sky Comedy (HD)8 am to 5 amSky plc
114Sky Documentaries (HD)24 hoursSky plc
115 (Eng)BBC One (HD)24 hoursBBC
115 (NI)BBC Two (HD)24 hoursBBC
115 (Scot)BBC Scotland (HD)7 pm to 12 amBBC
116BBC Four (HD)7 pm to 5.30 amBBC
117 (Eng-parts)Local Television24 hoursLocal Television Ltd.
117 (London)London Live24 hoursESTV Ltd.
117 (Scot)BBC AlbavariesBBC/MG Alba
117 (Wales)Channel 424 hoursChannel Four Television Corporation
118ITV2 (HD)24 hoursITV plc
119ITV3 (HD)24 hoursITV plc
120ITV4 (HD)24 hoursITV plc
121Sky Crime (HD)24 hoursSky plc
122Sky Arts (HD)24 hoursSky plc
123Sky History (HD)8 am to 5 amA&E Networks / Sky plc
124Fox (HD)8 am to 5 amDisney
125Discovery Channel (HD)24 hoursDiscovery
126MTV (HD)6 am to 3 amViacomCBS
127Comedy Central Extra9 am to 7 amViacomCBS
1285 Star9 am to 4 amViacomCBS
129National Geographic Channel (HD)8 am to 5 amNational Geographic / Disney
130Sky Nature (HD)24 hoursSky plc
131ITV Be24 hoursITV plc
132Alibi (HD)7 am to 4 amUKTV (BBC Studios)
133TLC (HD)24 hoursDiscovery
134 (Eng, NI, Scot)S4C (HD)24 hoursS4C Authority
134 (Wales)Cardiff TV24 hoursLocal Television Ltd.
135E4 (HD)24 hoursChannel Four Television Corporation
136More (HD)9 am to 4 amChannel Four Television Corporation
1374 Seven24 hoursChannel Four Television Corporation
138 (not London)Channel 4 (HD)24 hoursChannel Four Television Corporation
1394 Music7 am to 3 amChannel Four Television Corporation
140Food Network24 hoursDiscovery
141 (Eng, NI, Wales)5 USA9 am to 2 amViacomCBS
142Really4 am to 2 amDiscovery
143Drama6 am to 4 amUKTV (BBC Studios)
144Quest (HD)24 hoursDiscovery
145Sky Replay24 hoursSky plc
146CBS Reality24 hoursViacomCBS
147CBS Drama9 am to 5 amViacomCBS
148CBS Justice24 hoursViacomCBS
149Quest Red24 hoursDiscovery
150Paramount Network24 hoursViacomCBS
151E! (HD)7 am to 5 amNBC Universal
152Syfy (HD)11 am to 8 amNBC Universal
1535 Select24 hoursViacomCBS
154Investigation & Discovery24 hoursDiscovery
155Yesterday6 am to 3 amUKTV (BBC Studios)
156Crime + Investigation (HD)7 am to 4 amA&E Networks
157Sony Channel24 hoursSony Pictures Television
158HGTV7 am to 4 amDiscovery
159Pick24 hoursSky plc
160Challenge24 hoursSky plc
161 (Eng, Scot, Wales)Discovery Turbo24 hoursDiscovery
161 (NI)RTÉ One24 hoursRaidió Teilifís Éireann
162 (Eng, Scot, Wales)Animal Planet24 hoursDiscovery
162 (NI)RTÉ 2 (HD)24 hoursRaidió Teilifís Éireann
163 (Eng, Scot, Wales)Sky History 2 (HD)8 am to 5 amA&E Networks / Sky plc
163 (NI)TG424 hoursTeilifís na Gaeilge
164Blaze24 hoursA&E Networks
165Nat Geo Wild (HD)8 am to 5 amNational Geographic Society / Disney
166Eden9 am to 6 amUKTV (BBC Studios)
167Discovery Science24 hoursDiscovery
169 (Eng, NI, Wales)BBC AlbavariesBBC/MG Alba
169 (Scot)5 USA9 am to 2 amViacomCBS
170Together TV24 hoursCommunity Channel
171Smithsonian Channel (HD)24 hoursSmithsonian Institute
172DMAX24 hoursDiscovery
173BET24 hoursViacomCBS
174PBS America24 hoursPBS
175Live 36024 hoursLive Entertainment Ltd.
176 (Eng-parts, ScotBorders)ITV (HD)24 hoursITV plc
177Discovery History24 hoursDiscovery
178Discovery Home & Health24 hoursDiscovery
179Court TV24 hoursE. W. Scripps Company
181Forces TV24 hoursServices Sound & Vision Corporation (SSVC)
182Channel 724 hoursGN Media
183Vice24 hoursVice
184Hi-Impact TV24 hoursSolution Media and Infotech UK Ltd.
185TravelXP24 hoursWorldwide Media Ltd.
186Yanga!24 hoursChiswick Park Studios Ltd.
187Lifetime24 hoursA&E Television
188Discovery Turbo24 hoursDiscovery
188 (NI)Discovery Turbo24 hoursDiscovery
190Animal Planet24 hoursDiscovery
190 (NI)Animal Planet24 hoursDiscovery
191mytv7 am to 12 amRecord Group
192Showcase24 hoursInformation TV Ltd.
193Vox Africa24 hoursVox
196 (NI)Sky History 2 (HD)8 am to 5 amA&E Networks / Sky plc
197Discovery Shed24 hoursDiscovery
203 (Eng, ScotBorders, Wales, not CI)ITV (+1)24 hoursITV plc
203 (NI)UTV (+1)24 hoursITV plc
204 (Eng, NI, Scot)Channel 4 (+1)24 hoursChannel Four Television Corporation
204 (Wales)S4C24 hoursS4C Authority
205Channel 5 (+1)24 hoursViacomCBS
206Sky One (+1)24 hoursSky plc
207Sky Witness (+1)24 hoursSky plc
208Sky Atlantic (+1)24 hoursSky plc
209W (+1)7 am to 4 amUKTV (BBC Studios)
210Gold (+1)8 am to 5 amUKTV (BBC Studios)
211Dave ja vu (+1)8 am to 4 amUKTV (BBC Studios)
212Comedy Central (+1)10 am to 7 amViacomCBS
217 (WalesChannel 4 (+1)24 hoursChannel Four Television Corporation
218ITV2 (+1)24 hoursITV plc
219ITV3 (+1)24 hoursITV plc
220ITV4 (+1)24 hoursITV plc
221Sky Crime (+1)24 hoursSky plc
223Sky History (+1)9 am to 6 amA&E Networks / Sky plc
224Fox (+1)9 am to 6 amDisney
225Discovery Channel (+1)24 hoursDiscovery
2285 Star (+1)9 am to 4 amViacomCBS
229National Geographic Channel (+1)9 am to 6 amNational Geographic / Disney
231ITV Be (+1)24 hoursITV plc
232Alibi (+1)8 am to 5 amUKTV (BBC Studios)
233TLC (+1)24 hoursDiscovery
235E4 (+1)24 hoursChannel Four Television Corporation
236More 4 (+1)10 am to 5 amChannel Four Television Corporation
240Food Network (+1)24 hoursDiscovery
241 (Eng, NI, Wales)5 USA (+1)10 am to 3 amViacomCBS
243Drama (+1)7 am to 5 amUKTV (BBC Studios)
244Quest (+1)24 hoursDiscovery
246CBS Reality (+1)24 hoursViacomCBS
249Quest Red (+1)24 hoursDiscovery
252Syfy (+1)12 pm to 9 amNBC Universal
254Investigation & Discovery (+1)24 hoursDiscovery
255Yesterday (+1)7 am to 4 amUKTV (BBC Studios)
256Crime + Investigation (+1)8 am to 5 amA&E Networks
257Sony Channel (+1)24 hoursSony Pictures Television
258HGTV (+1)8 am to 5 amDiscovery
259Pick (+1)24 hoursSky plc
261 (Eng, Scot, Wales)Discovery Turbo (+1)24 hoursDiscovery
262 (Eng, Scot, Wales)Animal Planet (+1)24 hoursDiscovery
266Eden (+1)10 am to 7 amUKTV (BBC Studios)
267Discovery Science (+1)24 hoursDiscovery
269 (Scot)5 USA (+1)10 am to 3 amViacomCBS
275DMAX (+1)24 hoursDiscovery
277Discovery History (+1)24 hoursDiscovery
278Discovery Home & Health (+1)24 hoursDiscovery
288 (NI)Discovery Turbo (+1)24 hoursDiscovery
290 (NI)Animal Planet (+1)24 hoursDiscovery
301Sky Cinema Premiere (HD)24 hoursSky plc
302Sky Cinema Select (HD)24 hoursSky plc
303Sky Cinema Hits (HD)24 hoursSky plc
304Sky Cinema Greats (HD)24 hoursSky plc
305Sky Cinema Animation (HD)24 hoursSky plc
306Sky Cinema Family (HD)24 hoursSky plc
307Sky Cinema Disney (HD)24 hoursSky plc
308Sky Cinema Action (HD)24 hoursSky plc
309Sky Cinema Comedy (HD)24 hoursSky plc
310Sky Cinema Thriller (HD)24 hoursSky plc
311Sky Cinema Drama (HD)24 hoursSky plc
312Sky Cinema Sci Fi & Horror (HD)24 hoursSky plc
313Film 4 (HD)11 am to 3 amChannel Four Television Corporation
314Film 4 (+1)12 pm to 4 amChannel Four Television Corporation
315TCM Movies24 hoursWarnerMedia
316TCM Movies (+1)24 hoursWarnerMedia
317Horror Channel8 am to 5 amViacomCBS
318Horror Channel (+1)9 am to 6 amViacomCBS
319Sony Movies Christmas24 hoursSony Pictures Television
320Sony Movies Christmas (+1)24 hoursSony Pictures Television
321Sony Movies24 hoursSony Pictures Television
322Sony Movies (+1)24 hoursSony Pictures Television
323Sony Movies Action24 hoursSony Pictures Television
324Sony Movies Action (+1)24 hoursSony Pictures Television
325Movies 2424 hoursNBCUniversal
326Movies 24 (+1)24 hoursNBCUniversal
328Talking Pictures TV24 hoursTalking Pictures TV Ltd.
329Rok TV24 hoursIroko Partners Ltd.
350MTV Music6 am to 4 amViacomCBS
351MTV Hits6 am to 4 amViacomCBS
353MTV Base6 am to 4 amViacomCBS
355MTV Classic6 am to 4 amViacomCBS
358Box Hits24 hoursChannel Four Television Corporation
359The Box24 hoursChannel Four Television Corporation
360Kiss24 hoursChannel Four Television Corporation
361Magic24 hoursChannel Four Television Corporation
362Kerrang24 hoursChannel Four Television Corporation
364Trace Xmas24 hoursTrace Group
365Trace Vault24 hoursTrace Group
368Now 70s24 hoursAll Around the World Productions
371Now 80s24 hoursAll Around the World Productions
372Now 90s24 hoursAll Around the World Productions
373Clubland TV24 hoursAll Around the World Productions
376Spotlight TV24 hoursKeepItCountry.TV.Ltd
401Sky Sports Main Event (HD)24 hoursSky plc
402Sky Sports Premier League (HD)24 hoursSky plc
403Sky Sports Football (HD)24 hoursSky plc
404Sky Sports Cricket (HD)24 hoursSky plc
405Sky Sports Golf (HD)24 hoursSky plc
406Sky Sports F1 (HD)24 hoursSky plc
407Sky Sports Action /NFL (HD)24 hoursSky plc
408Sky Sports Arena (HD)24 hoursSky plc
409Sky Sports News (HD)24 hoursSky plc
410Eurosport 1 (HD)24 hoursDiscovery
411Eurosport 2 (HD)24 hoursDiscovery
412Premier Sports 1 (HD)24 hoursPremier Media
413BT Sport 1 (HD)24 hoursBT Group plc
414BT Sport 2 (HD)24 hoursBT Group plc
415Sky Sports Racing (HD)24 hoursSky plc / Arena Racing Company
416Sky Sports Mix (HD)24 hoursSky plc
417BT Sport 3 (HD)24 hoursBT Group plc
418MUTV (HD)10.45 am to 12 amManchester United
421 (NI)eir Sport 124 hourseir
422FreeSports (HD)24 hoursPremier Media
423BT Sport ESPN (HD)24 hoursBT Group plc
425LFC TV (HD)24 hoursLiverpool Football Club
426Racing TV (HD)24 hoursRacing TV
427Box Nation24 hoursBoxing Channel Media Ltd.
429Premier Sports 2 (HD)24 hoursPremier Media
433GINX Esports TV (HD)24 hoursGINX TV Ltd (Sky / ITV joint venture)
435La Liga TV (HD)24 hoursPremier Media
457 (Eng, NI, Wales)BBC Scotland (HD)7 pm to 12 amBBC
458BEN24 hoursGreener Technology Ltd.
490BT Sport Box Office (HD) (PPV)Occasional - as requiredBT Group plc
491Sky Sports Box Office (PPV)Occasional - as requiredSky plc
492Sky Sports Box Office (HD) (PPV)Occasional - as requiredSky plc
494BT Sport Box Office WWE (HD) (PPV)Occasional - as requiredBT Group plc
501Sky News (HD)24 hoursSky plc
502Bloomberg Television (HD)24 hoursBloomberg
503BBC News (HD)24 hoursBBC
504BBC Parliament24 hoursBBC
505CNBC Europe (HD)24 hoursNBC Universal
506CNN International EMEA (HD)24 hoursWarnerMedia
507NNK World (HD)24 hoursNHK
508Euronews24 hoursMedia Globe Networks/NBC
509CGTN (HD)24 hoursChina Central Television
510NDTV 24x7 (4:3)24 hoursNew Delhi Television Ltd
511RT (HD)24 hoursRIA Novosti
512France 24 English (HD)24 hoursFrance Médias Monde
513Al Jazeera (HD)24 hoursAl Jazeera
515TVC News24 hoursContinental Broadcasting Service (Nigeria)
516TRT World (HD)24 hoursTurkish Radio & Television Corporation (TRT)
518Channels 2424 hoursChannels Television Incorporated
519Arise News24 hoursArise Media UK Ltd
522Airirang TV24 hoursAirirang TV Network
580God Channel24 hoursThe Angel Foundation
581Revelation24 hoursRevelation TV Ltd.
582TBN UK24 hoursTrinity Broadcasting Network
583Daystar (HD)24 hoursDaystar Television Network
584Inspiration TV24 hoursThe Inspiration Network
585Loveworld TV (HD)24 hoursLoveworld Ltd.
587World Network (4:3)24 hoursAdell Broadcasting
588EWTN Catholic (4:3)24 hoursAdell Broadcasting
589Faith World TV24 hoursWorld Evangelism Bible Church
590KICC TV24 hoursKingsway International Christian Centre
593SonLife Broadcasting Network24 hoursJimmy Swaggart Ministries
594Faith UK24 hoursFlow TV Ltd.
595Hillsong24 hoursTrinity Broadcasting Network
596Good News TV24 hoursUebert Angel
597Dunamis TV24 hoursDunamis TV
598Celebration TV24 hoursCelebration TV Ltd.
601Cartoon Network (HD)24 hoursWarnerMedia
602Cartoon Network (+1)24 hoursWarnerMedia
603Boomerang (HD)24 hoursWarnerMedia
604Nickelodeon (HD)3 am to 12 amViacomCBS
605Nickelodeon (+1)4 am to 1 amViacomCBS
606Nicktoons24 hoursViacomCBS
607CBBC (HD)7 am to 9 pmBBC
608Cbeebies (HD)6 am to 7 pmBBC
612Baby TV24 hoursDisney
615Nick Jr. (HD)3 am to 12 amViacomCBS
616Pop24 hoursSony Pictures Television
617Tiny Pop24 hoursSony Pictures Television
618Boomerang (+1)24 hoursWarnerMedia
619Cartoonito4 am to 9 pmWarnerMedia
620Nick Jr. Too3 am to 12 amViacomCBS
621CITV6 am to 7 pmITV plc
624Tiny Pop (+1)24 hoursSony Pictures Television
625Pop (+1)24 hoursSony Pictures Television
626Pop Max24 hoursSony Pictures Television
627Pop Max (+1)24 hoursSony Pictures Television
628Nick Jr. (+1)4 am to 1 amViacomCBS
630 (NI)RTÉ jr7 am to 6.45 pmRaidió Teilifís Éireann
640Cartoon Network24 hoursWarnerMedia
641Boomerang24 hoursWarnerMedia
642Nickelodeon3 am to 12 amViacomCBS
643CBBC7 am to 9 pmBBC
644Cbeebies6 am to 7 pmBBC
648Nick Jr.3 am to 12 amViacomCBS
660QVC24 hoursQVC
661JML Direct24 hoursJML Direct Ltd.
662TJC24 hoursThe Jewellery Channel Ltd.
663QVC Beauty24 hoursQVC
664Ideal World (HD)24 hoursIdeal Shopping Direct Ltd.
665Gems TV24 hoursGemporia Ltd.
666High Street TV 124 hoursHSTV Media Ltd.
667High Street TV 2 (+0.5)24 hoursHSTV Media Ltd.
668High Street TV 3 (+1)24 hoursHSTV Media Ltd.
669Best Direct24 hoursBest Direct (International) Ltd.
670Primal Living24 hoursPrimal Cure Ltd.
671Ideal Extra24 hoursIdeal Shopping Direct Ltd.
672High Street TV 4 (+1.5)24 hoursHSTV Media Ltd.
673Hochanda24 hoursHochanda Ltd.
674Jewellery Maker24 hoursJewellery Maker Ltd.
675High Street TV 5 (+2)24 hoursHSTV Media Ltd.
676TV Warehouse24 hoursCanis 107 Ltd.
677QVC Style24 hoursQVC
679Thane24 hoursThane Direct UK Ltd.
680Psychic Today10 am to 11 pmMajestic TV Ltd.
682QVC Extra24 hoursQVC
683Create & Craft (HD)24 hoursIdeal Shopping Direct Ltd.
684Craft Extra24 hoursIdeal Shopping Direct Ltd.
688Cruise1st.TV24 hoursSunshine Cruise Holidays Ltd.
701B4U Movies24 hoursB4U Network Ltd.
702B4U Music24 hoursB4U Network Ltd.
703Sony Entertainment TV (HD)24 hoursSony Pictures Television
704Star Bharat24 hoursDisney
705Star Plus (HD)24 hoursDisney
706Colors (HD)24 hoursViacom18 (Viacom / TV18)
707Zee Cinema24 hoursZee Entertainment Enterprises
708Republic Bharat24 hoursWorldview Media Network Ltd.
709Zee TV24 hoursZee Entertainment Enterprises
710Aaj Tak (4:3)24 hoursLiving Media
711MATV National (4:3)24 hoursMiddlesex Broadcasting Corporation Ltd.
712FoodXP24 hoursWorldwide Media Ltd.
713Colors Rishtey24 hoursViacom18 (Viacom / TV18)
714Colors Cineplex24 hoursViacom18 (Viacom / TV18)
715Sony Max (HD)24 hoursSony Pictures Television
716Venus TV (4:3)24 hoursVenus TV Ltd.
717Star Gold (HD)24 hoursDisney
718Sony SAB TV24 hoursSony Pictures Television
720Sony Max 224 hoursSony Pictures Television
724Aastha TV (4:3)24 hoursAcharya Balkrishna (Vedic Broadcasting Ltd.)
725Sanskar TV (4:3)24 hoursSanskar Information TV UK Ltd.
731MTA International24 hoursAhmadiyya Muslim Community
732Hum Masala (4:3)24 hoursHum Network Ltd.
733Hidayat TV (4:3)24 hoursHidayat TV Ltd.
734GEO News (4:3)24 hoursIndependent Media Corporation
735PTV Global (4:3)24 hoursPakistan Television Corporation
736New Vision TV24 hoursNew Vision TV Ltd.
737Islam Channel (4:3)24 hoursMohamed Ali Harrath
738GEO TV (4:3)24 hoursIndependent Media Corporation
739Noor TV (4:3)24 hoursAl Ehya Digital Television Ltd.
742IQRA TV24 hoursArab Radio and Television Network
74392 News24 hoursGalaxy Broadcasting Network Ltd.
744Islam TV24 hoursVision247
745Ahlebait TV24 hoursAhlebait TV Network Ltd
746Madani Channel24 hoursDawat-e-Islami
748Samaa TV (4:3)24 hoursJaag Broadcasting Systems (Pvt.) Ltd.
749Takbeer TV24 hoursHazrat Sultan Bahu Trust
751Hum Europe (4:3)24 hoursHum Network Ltd.
752British Muslim TV24 hoursVision TV Network
754Dunya News (4:3)24 hoursMian Amer Mehmood
755Islam Channel Urdu24 hoursIslam Channel (Urdu) Ltd.
756Channel 44 (4:3)24 hoursCity News Network (SMC) Pvt. Ltd.
757Eman Channel24 hoursEman Channel Ltd.
758Ary Digital (4:3)24 hoursARY Group
759A1TV (4:3)24 hoursAnil Lodha
760Hum News (4:3)24 hoursHum Network Ltd.
766PTC Pubjabi (4:3)24 hoursPTC Network
767Brit Asia TV24 hoursBritasia TV Ltd.
768Sikh Channel24 hoursTV Legal Ltd.
769Sangat Television24 hoursSangat Trust
770Akaal Channel24 hoursAkaal Channel Ltd.
771KTV24 hoursSun TV Network Europe Ltd.
772Kanshi TV24 hoursKanshi TV Ltd.
777Channel S (4:3)24 hoursChs.TV Ltd.
778IQRA Bangla24 hoursArab Radio and Television Network
779ATN Bangla (4:3)24 hoursAsian Television Network
780NTV (4:3)24 hoursInternational Television Channel Ltd.
781TV One24 hoursLight Upon Light Media Ltd.
782Ion Television24 hoursIon Media
786Abu Dhabi TV24 hoursAbu Dhabi Media
787Ahlulbayt TV24 hoursSky plc / Abu Dhabi Media Investment Corporation
788Sky News Arabia24 hoursAhlulbayt TV Ltd.
791Phoenix CNE Channel24 hoursPhoenix Chinese News & Entertainment Ltd.
792RecordTV Internacional (HD)24 hoursGrupo Rcord
793Iran International (HD)24 hoursGlobal Media Circulating Ltd.
801 (NI, Scot, Wales)BBC One24 hoursBBC
802 (Eng, Scot, Wales)BBC Two24 hoursBBC
803 (Eng-parts, Wales)ITV (+1)24 hoursITV plc
803 (NI)UTV24 hoursITV plc
803 (Scot, not ScotBorders)STV (HD)24 hoursSTV Group
804 (London)Channel 424 hoursChannel Four Television Corporation
805Channel 524 hoursViacomCBS
806Sky One24 hoursSky plc
807Sky Witness24 hoursSky plc
808Sky Atlantic24 hoursSky plc
809W6 am to 3 amUKTV (BBC Studios)
810Gold7 am to 4 amUKTV (BBC Studios)
811Dave7 am to 3 amUKTV (BBC Studios)
812Comedy Central9 am to 6 amViacomCBS
813Sky Comedy8 am to 5 amSky plc
814Sky Documentaries24 hoursSky plc
815BBC Four7 pm to 5.30 amBBC
816ITV224 hoursITV plc
817ITV324 hoursITV plc
818ITV424 hoursITV plc
819Sky Crime24 hoursSky plc
820Sky Arts24 hoursSky plc
821Fox8 am to 5 amDisney
822Discovery Channel24 hoursDiscovery
823MTV6 am to 3 amViacomCBS
824National Geographic Channel8 am to 5 amNational Geographic / Disney
825Sky History8 am to 5 amA&E Networks / Sky plc
826Alibi7 am to 4 amUKTV (BBC Studios)
827TLC24 hoursDiscovery
828 (Eng, NI, Scot)S4C24 hoursS4C Authority
829E424 hoursChannel Four Television Corporation
830More 49 am to 4 amChannel Four Television Corporation
831Quest24 hoursDiscovery
834E!7 am to 5 amNBC Universal
835Crime + Investigation7 am to 4 amA&E Networks
836 (NI)RTÉ224 hoursRaidió Teilifís Éireann
837 (NI)TG424 hoursTeilifís na Gaeilge
839Nat Geo Wild8 am to 5 amNational Geographic Society / Disney
842Sky Cinema Premiere24 hoursSky plc
845Sky Cinema Greats24 hoursSky plc
846Sky Cinema Family24 hoursSky plc
847Sky Cinema Disney24 hoursSky plc
848Sky Cinema Action24 hoursSky plc
849Sky Cinema Comedy24 hoursSky plc
850Sky Cinema Thriller24 hoursSky plc
851Sky Cinema Drama24 hoursSky plc
853Film 411 am to 3 amChannel Four Television Corporation
855Sky Sports Main Event24 hoursSky plc
856Sky Sports Premier League24 hoursSky plc
857Sky Sports Football24 hoursSky plc
858Sky Sports Cricket24 hoursSky plc
859Sky Sports Golf24 hoursSky plc
860Sky Sports F124 hoursSky plc
861Sky Sports Action / NFL24 hoursSky plc
862Sky Sports Arena24 hoursSky plc
863Sky Sports News24 hoursSky plc
864Eurosport 224 hoursDiscovery
865Eurosport 224 hoursDiscovery
867BT Sport 124 hoursBT Group plc
868BT Sport 224 hoursBT Group plc
869BT Sport 324 hoursBT Group plc
870MUTV10.45 am to 12 amManchester United
872BT Sport ESPN24 hoursBT Group plc
874Racing TV24 hoursRacing TV
875Sky News24 hoursSky plc
876BBC Scotland7 pm to 12 amBBC
877BBC News24 hoursBBC
878CNN International EMEA24 hoursWarnerMedia
879RT24 hoursRIA Novosti
880Al Jazeera24 hoursAl Jazeera
881TRT World24 hoursTurkish Radio & Television Corporation (TRT)
882Sony Entertainment TV24 hoursSony Pictures Television
883Star Plus24 hoursDisney
884Colors24 hoursViacom18 (Viacom / TV18)
886Sony Max24 hoursSony Pictures Television
887Star Gold24 hoursDisney
888Sky Sports Racing24 hoursSky plc / Arena Racing Company
889Smithsonian Channel24 hoursSmithsonian Institute
890CNBC Europe24 hoursNBC Universal
891CGTN (4:3)24 hoursChina Central Television
892Syfy11 am to 8 amNBC Universal
893Sky Nature24 hoursSky plc
894Sky History 28 am to 5 amA&E Networks / Sky plc
895Sky Sports Mix24 hoursSky plc
899Sky Intro Channel24 hoursSky plc
950Sky Intro Channel24 hoursSky plc
951BBC One (Scotland) (HD)24 hoursBBC
952BBC One (Wales) (HD)24 hoursBBC
953BBC One (Northern Ireland) (HD)24 hoursBBC
954BBC One (London)24 hoursBBC
955BBC One (North East & Cumbria)24 hoursBBC
956BBC One (Yorkshire)24 hoursBBC
957BBC One (East Yorkshire & Lincolnshire)24 hoursBBC
958BBC One (North West)24 hoursBBC
959BBC One (West Midlands)24 hoursBBC
960BBC One (East Midlands)24 hoursBBC
961BBC One (East-East)24 hoursBBC
962BBC One (East-West)24 hoursBBC
963BBC One (South East)24 hoursBBC
964BBC One (South)24 hoursBBC
965BBC One (Oxfordshire)24 hoursBBC
966BBC One (West)24 hoursBBC
967BBC One (South West)24 hoursBBC
968BBC One (Channel Islands)24 hoursBBC
969 (NI, Wales)BBC Two (network)24 hoursBBC
971 (Eng, NI, Scot)BBC Two (Wales) (HD)24 hoursBBC
972 (Eng, Scot, Wales)BBC Two (Northern Ireland)24 hoursBBC
973ITV (London) (+1)24 hoursITV plc
974Channel 4 (London adverts)24 hoursChannel Four Television Corporation
975Channel 4 (London adverts) (+1)24 hoursChannel Four Television Corporation
976 (not Eng)BBC One (HD) (generic version)24 hoursBBC
977BBC One (Scotland)24 hoursBBC
978BBC One (Wales)24 hoursBBC
979BBC One (Northern Ireland)24 hoursBBC
980 (Eng, NI, Scot)BBC Two (Wales)24 hoursBBC
980 (Wales)BBC Two (network) (HD)24 hoursBBC
996Channel Line-up (audio)24 hoursSky plc
998Sky Intro Channel (HD)24 hoursSky plc
999Sky24 hoursSky plc
(R)0101BBC Radio 124 hoursBBC
(R)0102BBC Radio 224 hoursBBC
(R)0103BBC Radio 324 hoursBBC
(R)0104BBC Radio 4 (FM)24 hoursBBC
(R)0105BBC Radio 5 Live24 hoursBBC
(R)0106Classic FM24 hoursGlobal
(R)0107Absolute Radio24 hoursBauer Media
(R)0108Talksport24 hoursWireless Group
(R)0109Capital24 hoursGlobal
(R)0110Planet Rock24 hoursBauer Media
(R)0111Heart24 hoursGlobal
(R)0112Heart 80s24 hoursGlobal
(R)0113Radio X24 hoursGlobal
(R)0114Capital Xtra24 hoursGlobal
(R)0115BBC World Service24 hoursBBC
(R)0116BBC Radio Scotland24 hoursBBC
(R)0117BBC Radio Wales24 hoursBBC
(R)0118BBC Radio Ulster24 hoursBBC
(R)0119BBC Asian Network24 hoursBBC
(R)0120BBC Radio 6 Music24 hoursBBC
(R)0121Gold24 hoursGlobal
(R)0122WRN Europe24 hoursWRN Broadcast
(R)0124LBC24 hoursGlobal
(R)0128Smooth Radio24 hoursGlobal
(R)0130Panjab Radio24 hoursPanjab Radio
(R)0131BBC Radio 4 Extra24 hoursBBC
(R)0137BBC Radio 1 Xtra24 hoursBBC
(R)0138TWR24 hoursTrans World Radio
(R)0139BBC Radio nan Gàidheal24 hoursBBC
(R)0143BBC Radio 4 (LW)24 hoursBBC
(R)0144BBC Radio 5 Live Sports Extra24 hoursBBC
(R)0146Heart Dance24 hoursGlobal
(R)0147EWTN Catholic24 hoursEternal Word Television Network
(R)0150Sukh Sagar24 hoursSukh Sagar Radio
(R)0151Khushkhabri24 hoursAsian Gold Radio Ltd.
(R)0152 (Essex, London)BBC Radio London24 hoursBBC
(R)0152 (NI)BBC Radio Foyle24 hoursBBC
(R)0152 (Wales)BBC Radio Cymru24 hoursBBC
(R)0154 (Eng, Scot, Wales)BBC Radio Cymru 26 am to 10 amBBC
(R)0154 (Wales)BBC Radio Cymru24 hoursBBC
(R)0160RTÉ Radio 124 hoursRaidió Teilifís Éireann
(R)0164RTÉ Radio 2FM24 hoursRaidió Teilifís Éireann
(R)0165RTÉ Lyric FM24 hoursRaidió Teilifís Éireann
(R)0166RTÉ Raidió na Gaeltachta24 hoursRaidió Teilifís Éireann
(R)0169Desi Radio24 hoursThe Panjabi Centre Ltd.
(R)0178Kiss24 hoursBauer Media
(R)0180Magic24 hoursBauer Media
(R)0188Hits Radio24 hoursBauer Media
(R)0200Absolute 80s24 hoursBauer Media
(R)0201Absolute Radio 90s24 hoursBauer Media
(R)0202Jazz FM24 hoursBauer Media
(R)0203Absolute Classic Rock24 hoursBauer Media
(R)0210Newstalk24 hoursCommunicorp
(R)0211BFBS Radio24 hoursServices Sound & Vision Corporation (SSVC)
(R)0214UCB Ireland24 hoursUnited Christian Broadcasters
(R)0215Virgin Radio UK24 hoursWireless Group
(R)0216Scala Radio24 hoursBauer Media
(R)0217Heart 90s24 hoursGlobal
(R)0219 (Eng, Scot, Wales)BBC Radio Cymru 26 am to 10 amBBC
(R)0220 (Eng, Scot, Wales)BBC Radio Foyle24 hoursBBC
(R)0221LBC News24 hoursGlobal