Virgin Media Channel List – Ireland

Page last updated on July 16th, 2020 at 11:20 pm

Channel availability subject to change, and will vary depending on channel package. Adult channels are excluded from this list.

The main packages available are: Freedom TV, Mix TV, and Full House TV. Due to the sometimes complex nature of TV channel packages, this data is no longer available on the table below.

Page currently under construction.

Channel NameChannel No. (TV360)Channel No. (Horizon)Broadcast HoursBroadcaster
BBC Two Northern Ireland70924 hoursBBC
Virgin 10010010024 hours
RTÉ One (HD)10110124 hoursRTÉ
RTÉ2 (HD)10210224 hoursRTÉ
Virgin Media One (HD)10310324 hours
TG4 (HD)10410424 hours
Virgin Media Two (HD)10510524 hours
Virgin Media Three (HD)10610606:00 – 02:30
RTÉ One (+1)10710724 hoursRTÉ
BBC One (HD)10810824 hoursBBC
BBC Two (HD) (network version)10910924 hoursBBC
Virgin Media One +111011024 hours
Channel 411124 hoursChannel 4
E411224 hoursChannel 4
E4 +111324 hoursChannel 4
Sky One11424 hoursSky
Sky Two11508:00 – 06:00Sky
Virgin Media Sport11624 hours
BBC Four11719:00 – 06:00BBC
More 411809:00 – 04:00Channel 4
Gold12007:00 – 04:00UKTV (BBC Studios)
TLC12124 hours
Dave12207:00 – 03:00UKTV (BBC Studios)
Sky Witness12424 hoursSky
Sky Witness +112524 hoursSky
Fox1268am to 5am
Comedy Central1278am to 5amViacomCBS
Comedy Central +11289am to 6amViacomCBS
Syfy12924 hours
CBS Reality13024 hoursViacomCBS
ITV313124 hours
ITV4 (no sports due to rights restrictions)13224 hours
Pick13324 hoursSky
Comedy Central Extra1349am to 6amViacomCBS
RTÉ One HD13524 hours
RTÉ2 HD13624 hours
TG4 HD13724 hours
CBS Justice13824 hoursViacomCBS
BBC One HD13924 hours
BBC Two HD14024 hours
Sky Arts14124 hours
Channel 4 HD14224 hours
RTÉ News Now20024 hours
BBC News20124 hoursBBC
Sky News20224 hoursSky
RTÉjr6007am to 6.45pm
TRTÉ6016.50 am to 5.30pm
Cúla46026.50am to 11.30am, 3pm to 7pm
Boomerang60324 hours
Nickelodeon6043am to 12am
Nickelodeon +16053am to 12am
Nicktoons6063am to 12am
Nick Jr.60724 hours
CBBC6087am to 9pm
CBeebies6096am to 7pm
Disney Channel6136am to 12am
Disney Junior6166am to 12am
Cartoon Network +161724 hours
Cartoonito6184am to 9pm
Cartoon Network62024 hours
Disney Channel HD6336am to 12am
Nickelodeon HD6343am to 12am
MTV6507016am to 3am
MTV Hits6527036am to 3am
MTV Base6537046am to 3am
MTV Classic6557076am to 3am
MTV Music6567086am to 3am
The Box6627107am to 3am
Box Hits6637127am to 3am
Magic6617137am to 3am
Kerrang6597157am to 3am
4 Music6607167am to 3am
Kiss6657177am to 3am
DCTV80224 hours
CCTV80324 hours
Zee TV80824 hours
EWTN81524 hours
The God Channel81624 hours
TV5 Monde85824 hours
PPV Channel860Occasional
PPV Channel 2862Occasional
RTÉ Radio 1via radio app90124 hoursRTÉ
RTÉ 2FMvia radio app90224 hoursRTÉ
RTÉ Lyric FMvia radio app90324 hoursRTÉ
Today FMvia radio app90424 hours
RTÉ Raidió na Gaeltachtavia radio app90524 hoursRTÉ
BBC Radio Ulstervia radio app90624 hoursBBC
BBC Radio 1via radio app90724 hoursBBC
BBC Radio 2via radio app90824 hoursBBC
BBC Radio 3via radio app90924 hoursBBC
BBC Radio 4via radio app91024 hoursBBC
BBC Radio 5 Livevia radio app91124 hoursBBC
BBC Radio 6 Musicvia radio app91224 hoursBBC
BBC World Servicevia radio app91324 hoursBBC
WRNvia radio app91724 hours
UCB Irelandvia radio app91824 hours
BBC Radio 5 Live Sports Extravia radio app928Varies
BBC Radio 4 Extravia radio app92924 hours
FM104via radio app93024 hours
98FMvia radio app93124 hours
Newstalkvia radio app93224 hours
Sunshine 106.8via radio app93324 hours
Spin 1038via radio app93424 hours
Classic Hitsvia radio app93624 hours
Radio Novavia radio app93724 hours
RTÉ Radio 1 Extravia radio app94024 hoursRTÉ
RTÉ Goldvia radio app94124 hoursRTÉ
RTÉjr Radio / RTÉ Chillvia radio app9427am to 9pm (jr) / 9pm to 7am (Chill)RTÉ
RTÉ Pulsevia radio app94324 hoursRTÉ
RTÉ 2XMvia radio app94424 hoursRTÉ