Virgin Media Channel List – Ireland

Channel availability subject to change, and will vary depending on channel package. Adult channels are excluded from this list.

The main packages available are: Freedom TV, Mix TV, and Full House TV. Due to the sometimes complex nature of TV channel packages, this data is no longer available on the table below.

Page currently under construction.

Channel No.Channel NameBroadcast HoursBroadcaster
100Virgin 10024 hours
101RTÉ One24 hoursRTÉ
102RTÉ224 hoursRTÉ
103Virgin Media One24 hours
104TG424 hours
105Virgin Media Two24 hours
106Virgin Media Three06:00 – 02:30
107RTÉ One +124 hoursRTÉ
108BBC One24 hoursBBC
109BBC Two Northern Ireland24 hoursBBC
110Virgin Media One +124 hours
111Channel 424 hoursChannel 4
112E424 hoursChannel 4
113E4 +124 hoursChannel 4
114Sky One24 hoursSky
115Sky Two08:00 – 06:00Sky
116Virgin Media Sport24 hours
117BBC Four19:00 – 06:00BBC
118More 409:00 – 04:00Channel 4
120Gold07:00 – 04:00UKTV (BBC Studios)
121TLC24 hours
122Dave07:00 – 03:00UKTV (BBC Studios)
124Sky Witness24 hoursSky
125Sky Witness +124 hoursSky
126Fox8am to 5am
127Comedy Central8am to 5amViacomCBS
128Comedy Central +19am to 6amViacomCBS
129Syfy24 hours
130CBS Reality24 hoursViacomCBS
131ITV324 hours
132ITV4 (no sports due to rights restrictions)24 hours
133Pick24 hoursSky
134Comedy Central Extra9am to 6amViacomCBS
135RTÉ One HD24 hours
136RTÉ2 HD24 hours
137TG4 HD24 hours
138CBS Justice24 hoursViacomCBS
139BBC One HD24 hours
140BBC Two HD24 hours
141Sky Arts24 hours
142Channel 4 HD24 hours
200RTÉ News Now24 hours
600RTÉjr7am to 6.45pm
601TRTÉ6.50 am to 5.30pm
602Cúla46.50am to 11.30am, 3pm to 7pm
603Boomerang24 hours
604Nickelodeon3am to 12am
605Nickelodeon +13am to 12am
606Nicktoons3am to 12am
607Nick Jr.24 hours
608CBBC7am to 9pm
609CBeebies6am to 7pm
613Disney Channel6am to 12am
616Disney Junior6am to 12am
617Cartoon Network +124 hours
618Cartoonito4am to 9pm
620Cartoon Network24 hours
633Disney Channel HD6am to 12am
634Nickelodeon HD3am to 12am
701MTV6am to 3am
702MTV Rocks (to close on 20th July)6am to 3am
703MTV Hits6am to 3am
704MTV Base6am to 3am
705Club MTV (to close on 20th July)6am to 3am
707MTV Classic6am to 3am
708MTV Music6am to 3am
709MTV OMG (to close on 20th July)9am to 6am
710The Box7am to 3am
712Box Hits7am to 3am
713Magic7am to 3am
715Kerrang7am to 3am
7164 Music7am to 3am
717Kiss7am to 3am
802DCTV24 hours
803CCTV24 hours
808Zee TV24 hours
815EWTN24 hours
816The God Channel24 hours
858TV5 Monde24 hours
860PPV ChannelOccasional
862PPV Channel 2Occasional
901RTÉ Radio 124 hoursRTÉ
902RTÉ 2FM24 hoursRTÉ
903RTÉ Lyric FM24 hoursRTÉ
904Today FM24 hours
905RTÉ Raidió na Gaeltachta24 hoursRTÉ
906BBC Radio Ulster24 hoursBBC
907BBC Radio 124 hoursBBC
908BBC Radio 224 hoursBBC
909BBC Radio 324 hoursBBC
910BBC Radio 424 hoursBBC
911BBC Radio 5 Live24 hoursBBC
912BBC Radio 6 Music24 hoursBBC
913BBC World Service24 hoursBBC
917WRN24 hours
918UCB Ireland24 hours
928BBC Radio 5 Live Sports ExtraVaries
929BBC Radio 4 Extra24 hours
930FM10424 hours
93198FM24 hours
932Newstalk24 hours
933Sunshine 106.824 hours
934Spin 103824 hours
936Classic Hits24 hours
937Radio Nova24 hours
940RTÉ Radio 1 Extra24 hoursRTÉ
941RTÉ Gold24 hoursRTÉ
942RTÉjr Radio / RTÉ Chill7am to 9pm (jr) / 9pm to 7am (Chill)RTÉ
943RTÉ Pulse24 hoursRTÉ
944RTÉ 2XM24 hoursRTÉ
201BBC News24 hoursBBC
202Sky News24 hoursSky