TelevisionSRS is a brand new website from the creator of Scott’s Radio Site. This website is to become the new home for UK digital TV news and resources, following the closure of a516digital. Like a516digital, this website also includes major stories from the world of digital radio.

Unlike one of our rivals, all content on this website is produced by myself. Whilst a working progress, I try to use high quality featured images for news articles, with resource pages in a simple, yet detailed and informative format.

The website features a selection of news stories, displayed on the home page. There is also a Resources section, with features such as channel lists and much more.

Unfortunately, we are not able to offer advice on individual television installations, but may be able to provide general guidance. For help with television installations, websites such as Digital TV UK may be able to offer the information you require. Alternatively, consult a local reputable installer.


All content on this website is protected by copyright. Unless otherwise stated, the copyright belongs to TelevisionSRS/Scott’s Radio Site.

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Permission must be obtained before reusing any of the content on this website.

How to Contact TelevisionSRS

As this site is a ‘spin-off’ from Scott’s Radio Site, all existing contact methods can be used.

You can email using, or via twitter @scottsradiosite. You can also find us on Facebook, search for Scott’s Radio Site.