Plans for 2024

You may have noticed I have yet to post on this website during 2024. Personal commitments in both work and personal life have meant that much of my website activities have once again taken a back seat. Not to mention set up issues seem to prevent some updates from taking place on this website, which I have yet to get to the bottom off.

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Further Restructure of AMC UK Lineup

AMC Networks UK has made a further restructure of their channel lineup, following a similar exercise in 2022, which has seen the end of the use of the CBS brand. No changes have been made to platform availability, with the channel remaining on Freesat, Sky, Virgin Media, and Freeview.

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DC Thomson Closes Pure Radio

Scottish station Pure Radio (unconnected to the similarly sounding digital radio manufacturer) has been closed by its owners DC Thomson. Scottish publisher DC Thomson, who launched the station is 2019, have stated the decision was due to low advertising revenues and audio figures.

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