Plans for 2024

You may have noticed I have yet to post on this website during 2024. Personal commitments in both work and personal life have meant that much of my website activities have once again taken a back seat. Not to mention set up issues seem to prevent some updates from taking place on this website, which I have yet to get to the bottom off.

Rest assured, I’m still here. This website has been operated by the same sole individual since 2019. I remain dedicated to bringing digital TV news in a simple and straight forward format, and look forward to resuming updates here.

Currently there are two options. One of my other websites, titled Scott’s Websites, has acted as a portfolio site for some time. Plan A is to continue with this website in its current form, subject to overcoming technical glitches. However, Plan B is to merge this website into the main Scott’s Websites website under it’s own subsection, and this is the preferred option for if I am unable to fix the technical glitches. Plan B may also be implemented if I foresee significant time savings going forward.

Whichever route is taken, all existing content will remain available in the long term.