Plans for 2024

You may have noticed I have yet to post on this website during 2024. Personal commitments in both work and personal life have meant that much of my website activities have once again taken a back seat. Not to mention set up issues seem to prevent some updates from taking place on this website, which I have yet to get to the bottom off.

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Website Review

I am currently in the process of reviewing the data hosted on this website. A large number of resources have become out of date, and largely replicate in available on other websites and TV EPGs (electronic programme guides). Therefore, to maintain a high quality resource, I’ve taken most of the website offline to allow for the review to take place.

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Like Buses, The News Stories Come All at Once…

Very much a post of just reminding readers that I’m still here, this one. Over the past few weeks, I’ve accrued details on a few significant changes in the TV world. Some stories I’ve held back on due to incomplete information or a lack of author direct observations, others delayed simply due to a lack of hours in the day.

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Website Updates

Once again, personal commitments have meant that this website hasn’t been updated as frequently as possible, largely due to a lack of time to cross reference source information (as well as some recent press releases lacking in the necessary detail).

However, I do have the started work on some news posts, largely detailing recent changes and future plans in the world of satellite TV. These should go live over the weekend.

A concerted effort at updating resource pages will also occur in due course, alongside a general tidying up of the website.

The digital radio section will be removed, as DAB will no longer be covered by this website, and radio via digital TV platforms can be covered largely elsewhere. However, a multiplatform resource page will launch.

Lastly, the website logo has been removed whilst I investigate a glitch preventing its display when using HTTPS, and will return in due course.

August 2022 Website Updates

Hard to believe that All About Digital TV first launched away back in 2019 (initially as TelevisionSRS), 3 years ago. In that time, despite time pressures and other commitments, the website has become a comprehensive resource of information on digital TV and radio broadcasts.

The colour scheme may have changed few times, starting of red based, then becoming orange and grey, then back to red, then red and navy, and now (finally?) purple. Despite this, the ownership of the website has remained constant throughout. Although some information has been far from as update to date as I, the author would like, it has remained available throughout.

Focussing on the next round of improvements, work has already begun on updating many of the pages which have become out of date, including the channel listings. Over the coming weeks, the features section will be separated from the news postings, to allow for a greater variety of magazine style articles to be published.

The TV industry is generally stable at this time, so now is the ideal opportunity to try and bring some life back into the underdeveloped sections. You may need to update some of your browser bookmarks, as some pages may move to new locations. However, there are no changes planned to overall availability of existing content.

June Website Updates

I’m now slowly resuming updates to the All About Digital TV website, following my own house move and job change. Naturally this will be gradual, and a couple of news posts have been held back to allow myself time to cross-reference. A news post on the E4/4 Music Changes will follow shortly, amongst a couple of other stories I have yet to write about.

You may have noticed recently, that for a while I ran with a revised blue/yellow colour scheme. Naturally, this was for showing my support for Ukraine, but with most online platforms having made some form of logo change, I felt it was more appropriate to remove this, rather than continue to follow the band wagon. I do, however, continue to support Ukraine, and hope than any Ukrainian that happens to read this will have a better life soon.

That being said, I have now opted to change the colour scheme to this website in due course. Having settled initially on a red based scheme, in a nod to former sister website Scott’s Radio Site, I then introduced navy into this. However, it seems that many media based websites have adopted at least one of these colours as their base. Even a ‘rival’ website that I have had previous run ins with, recently adopted a navy header. To try and stand out from the crowd a little bit, and improve visual elements and readability of the website, I will soon settle on a replacement colour, which will be revealed in due course.

Lastly, the planned import of the community radio directory from the now closed second generation of Scott’s Radio Site has been cancelled. Unfortunately, whilst I do still offer my support for community radio, the subject falls too far out of the normal scope of this website for inclusion.

New Year’s Resolutions

As 2022 approaches, I thought it would be the ideal time for an update on the progress of the All About Digital TV website.

Time hasn’t always been on my side for updates to the website, but news provision had started to catch up over the past few weeks. I’ve made a few adjustments to news articles which I hope are to the liking of most readers.

I’ve stopped doing short articles and anything which may resemble a news round up. Instead, most articles are now designed to be short magazine style articles, which cover the main story alongside background information, and other related developments. I’ve also opted not to cover every story, to make key developments stand out, and ensure that articles are relevant to the mixture of viewers/listeners and enthusiasts that typically read this website.

This is part of a wider aim to introduce a magazine style format to the website, with a greater emphasis on features and other articles. The existing resources will remain, but I hope to make this website less reliant on the sort of logs and data elements that have driven both this and other websites in the past.

Lastly, I have one New Year’s resolution for this website. It’s the same commitment I have given before, and it’s to ensure that this website continues to have a future. Since the summer of 2019 I have worked hard to establish this website from the ground up, and I hope it continues improve, expand, and prosper.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you have a wonderful New Year.

Even this Website Couldn’t Escape Storm Arwen

Sadly, even this website couldn’t escape the impacts of Storm Arwen. Due to a power cut at the authors home, no news stories could be written or published, and no updates to resource pages could be made.

Thankfully, the actual servers which run the website are in a different location, and it would appear that the website remained online for the duration. Thanks go the our website hosting provider, for their continued hard work and dedication in maintaining the equipment needed to deliver the website to you.

Power has now been restored, but a number of news articles which were originally intended to be published over Friday and Saturday have now been delayed. Time constraints mean that it may be a few days before all of these are published, and they may not appear in the correct timeline order. I’ll do everything that I can to restore a near normal service as soon as possible.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you continue to find this website both enjoyable and informative.