Like Buses, The News Stories Come All at Once…

Very much a post of just reminding readers that I’m still here, this one. Over the past few weeks, I’ve accrued details on a few significant changes in the TV world. Some stories I’ve held back on due to incomplete information or a lack of author direct observations, others delayed simply due to a lack of hours in the day.

As such, a number of stories will be published in the next coming days, but I thought a quick summary would be helpful.

Freeview (terrestrial) and satellite TV has seen a restructure of channels owned by That’s TV, with more changes understood to be on their way. A full breakdown will follow.

The government have put the brakes on the Channel 4 privatisation plan, with the proposal officially shelved (for now at least).

Smithsonian Channel has now closed, with it’s bandwidth taken over by That’s 60s on Freeview and its channel number 57 is now in use by Dave Ja Vu (Dave +1 timeshift).

Now 90s has been replaced on satellite by Now Rock, with the now channels no longer being available on Freeview.

Like buses (well those that still actually run), these the full stories will come in quick succession, but I’m sure they will be worth the wait.