That’s TV Grows with Decade Based Music Channels

That’s TV continues to grow its classic music service, and has rolled out 4 new decade based music channels, expanded on the music service offered at various times of the day on the main That’s TV channel. However, coverage is limited at the time being, with neither channel offered to cable (Virgin Media) subscribers. The new channels collectively replace Classic Hits, itself a rebrand of That’s TV Gold.

First up is That’s 60s. This has taken the bandwidth of Classic Hits on satellite, and can be found on Sky channel number 366 and Freesat channel number 506. On terrestrial (Freeview), That’s TV 60s has taken over capacity released by the closure of Smithsonian Channel, and can be found on channel 75 (part time, with a 24 hour version available in Greater Manchester on channel number 87).

That’s 80s has taken over the part time service that was Classic Hits on Freeview, and is typically available for a handful of hours in the early morning. The channel changed number in the switch over process, and is now on 77 instead of 88. A 24 hour version is available to Greater Manchester on channel 88, replacing the Manchester version of Classic Hits that was on 91. A satellite version of the channel is understood to be testing ahead of launch.

Lastly, That’s 70s and That’s 90s have also launched on Freeview, albeit currently limited to Greater Manchester on channel numbers 76 and 80 respectively.

The Manchester versions of the four channels have been made possible by That’s TV’s acquisition of the Greater Manchester multiplex, originally set up to allow the now defunct Channel M to switch to digital, being the only one of the original analogue local TV stations to make the transition.