Misconceptions Regarding this Website

Several false accusations have been made on social media regarding the All About Digital TV website, that I now feel the need to put straight.

Firstly, the table format for station lists does not impact on visitor number information. The entire table is contained within the one page, with the website software WordPress paginating the table to make it easier to read and reduce scrolling. This has no bearing on page hit data as, only the hits to the web page address are recorded.

Regardless, I have no interest in page hit data. The only website visitor data that I have an interest in is the number of unique visitors. This is the number of individual IP addresses that have visited the website. The actual number of visitors may even be higher, if more than one person has used the same device to view this website.

At no point have I spammed any other twitter accounts or Facebook pages with links to this website, in order to promote the website. I have, on occasion, posted links to the website, where I believe the information on this website may be of benefit. These are to specific, relevant pages (ie not the homepage), and have done this around an estimated 10 to 20 times, and have done this for a number of weeks.

I have promoted this website as a replacement to the now closed a516digital website, and have tried to emulate the mixed digital TV and digital radio format that a516digital followed. However, to be clear, I have no links with the creator of a516digital. I have NOT been given permission to use content from a516digital, nor have I done so, instead developing my own format and content.

Hopefully, this post will offer enough clarification, but should you wish to discuss matters further, please email me on [email protected]. If you wish to make a complaint, please also email me on this address. I always like to resolve disputes through discussion, and will only block people as a matter of last resort.