Changes to News Coverage

In the absence of much news to report on, I figured an update on what I deem to be news worthy would be useful for readers of the website.

Going forward, updates to device software and firmware (including operating systems) will not be covered. This is due to many of the updates being largely focussed on user interfaces, and of little relevance to broadcasting matters. New app launches will on be reported on, when directly related to linear TV services or a major streaming platform such as Now or Pluto TV

In a similar vein, stories relating to ratings or viewing figures will not be covered, unless this shows a major change in trends from one platform to another.

Beyond that, news coverage remains broadly unchanged, with a focus on major stories on terrestrial television, cable, satellite, and online streaming. The latter will continue to be focussed on services linked to linear TV. Having noticed that the Media Mole website has been producing high quality broadcasting stories, this website is now regarded as an information source, despite the large focus on general entertainment stories.

Lastly, I have noticed that another particular website has resurfaced. Although the main stories are believed accurate, some headlines have been rather misleading. This has led me to give this commitment:

All headlines on All About Digital TV and Radio shall be accurate and descriptive of the story in question.