Freeview Changes – COM7 and Others

Next week, on Thursday 30th June (2022), sees a major reshuffle in Freeview channel availability, largely due to the closure of the temporary COM7 multiplex, but there are also some changes elsewhere.

Sadly, I don’t have the time just yet do post a full breakdown/analysis here, so for the time being, I’ll leave the link to the full list on the Freeview website here.

As already mentioned, E4 Extra will take over from 4 Music on Freeview, a day earlier on Wednesday the 29th. As an existing service, a re-tune is not actually required, as 4 Music will simply be relabeled to E4 Extra. However, your receiver may not automatically update the channel label/name on your EPG, so you may still need to retune, although you will still be able to watch E4 Extra.

As such, waiting until the 30th will to retune will mean you will only need to retune your TV or set top box once, and will reduce time wasted resetting series recordings etc. (if applicable).