June Website Updates

I’m now slowly resuming updates to the All About Digital TV website, following my own house move and job change. Naturally this will be gradual, and a couple of news posts have been held back to allow myself time to cross-reference. A news post on the E4/4 Music Changes will follow shortly, amongst a couple of other stories I have yet to write about.

You may have noticed recently, that for a while I ran with a revised blue/yellow colour scheme. Naturally, this was for showing my support for Ukraine, but with most online platforms having made some form of logo change, I felt it was more appropriate to remove this, rather than continue to follow the band wagon. I do, however, continue to support Ukraine, and hope than any Ukrainian that happens to read this will have a better life soon.

That being said, I have now opted to change the colour scheme to this website in due course. Having settled initially on a red based scheme, in a nod to former sister website Scott’s Radio Site, I then introduced navy into this. However, it seems that many media based websites have adopted at least one of these colours as their base. Even a ‘rival’ website that I have had previous run ins with, recently adopted a navy header. To try and stand out from the crowd a little bit, and improve visual elements and readability of the website, I will soon settle on a replacement colour, which will be revealed in due course.

Lastly, the planned import of the community radio directory from the now closed second generation of Scott’s Radio Site has been cancelled. Unfortunately, whilst I do still offer my support for community radio, the subject falls too far out of the normal scope of this website for inclusion.