Changes to Broadcast Hours on Freeview

Unsurprisingly, the previous post on the Freeview (terrestrial) channel shuffle did miss some details. Most changes, except those to BBC Four HD and CBeebies HD (click link for article), were made as expected, but there are a couple of broadcast hour changes that I missed.

That’s TV (UK) and sister channel Classic Hits (formerly That’s Music) timeshare, and share a single 24 hour video stream. That’s TV (UK) broadcasts from 7am to 1am, with Classic Hits limited to 1am to 7am in the early hours of the morning.

PBS America, now without its Freeview only +1 channel (which broadcast for longer hours than the main channel), has extended its hours marginally. PBS America now closes down at midnight each night, instead of the previous 11pm. It would appear, that negotiations are still ongoing for future increases in broadcast hours once bandwith (space) becomes available, though this has not been confirmed.