August 2022 Website Updates

Hard to believe that All About Digital TV first launched away back in 2019 (initially as TelevisionSRS), 3 years ago. In that time, despite time pressures and other commitments, the website has become a comprehensive resource of information on digital TV and radio broadcasts.

The colour scheme may have changed few times, starting of red based, then becoming orange and grey, then back to red, then red and navy, and now (finally?) purple. Despite this, the ownership of the website has remained constant throughout. Although some information has been far from as update to date as I, the author would like, it has remained available throughout.

Focussing on the next round of improvements, work has already begun on updating many of the pages which have become out of date, including the channel listings. Over the coming weeks, the features section will be separated from the news postings, to allow for a greater variety of magazine style articles to be published.

The TV industry is generally stable at this time, so now is the ideal opportunity to try and bring some life back into the underdeveloped sections. You may need to update some of your browser bookmarks, as some pages may move to new locations. However, there are no changes planned to overall availability of existing content.