Website Updates August/September 2021

Things have been rather busy for me lately, and I’ve been a bit run ragged lately. As a result, I’ve not had time to complete as many updates and news posts as I would have liked.

There are a few news posts that should be added in the next few days, including another post on the Bilsdale transmitter disruption.

The channel lists have become a bit out of date lately, but they’re on my to do list. Hopefully not too long to wait, so keep an eye on the website over the next couple of days.

Changes to News Coverage

In the absence of much news to report on, I figured an update on what I deem to be news worthy would be useful for readers of the website.

Going forward, updates to device software and firmware (including operating systems) will not be covered. This is due to many of the updates being largely focussed on user interfaces, and of little relevance to broadcasting matters. New app launches will on be reported on, when directly related to linear TV services or a major streaming platform such as Now or Pluto TV

In a similar vein, stories relating to ratings or viewing figures will not be covered, unless this shows a major change in trends from one platform to another.

Beyond that, news coverage remains broadly unchanged, with a focus on major stories on terrestrial television, cable, satellite, and online streaming. The latter will continue to be focussed on services linked to linear TV. Having noticed that the Media Mole website has been producing high quality broadcasting stories, this website is now regarded as an information source, despite the large focus on general entertainment stories.

Lastly, I have noticed that another particular website has resurfaced. Although the main stories are believed accurate, some headlines have been rather misleading. This has led me to give this commitment:

All headlines on All About Digital TV and Radio shall be accurate and descriptive of the story in question.

Website Updates

A new job, house move, and at times lack of internet have largely prevented updates over the past few weeks, and will also mean a reduced number of updates for a few weeks yet.

Thankfully, major news stories have been few and far between. One that has been missed is the return of BBC Three to TV platforms. BET, owned by ViacomCBS, makes the opposite move, going online only.

I’ll do a summary of these in due course, along with a couple of DAB related stories. While offline, I’ve put together some reviews of digital stations. These will also be published shortly, but scores on the doors include 4/10 for Boom Radio, and 7/10 for Union Jack Dance.

I hope you continue to find the website enjoyable, and thanks for reading.


Misconceptions Regarding this Website

Several false accusations have been made on social media regarding the All About Digital TV website, that I now feel the need to put straight.

Firstly, the table format for station lists does not impact on visitor number information. The entire table is contained within the one page, with the website software WordPress paginating the table to make it easier to read and reduce scrolling. This has no bearing on page hit data as, only the hits to the web page address are recorded.

Regardless, I have no interest in page hit data. The only website visitor data that I have an interest in is the number of unique visitors. This is the number of individual IP addresses that have visited the website. The actual number of visitors may even be higher, if more than one person has used the same device to view this website.

At no point have I spammed any other twitter accounts or Facebook pages with links to this website, in order to promote the website. I have, on occasion, posted links to the website, where I believe the information on this website may be of benefit. These are to specific, relevant pages (ie not the homepage), and have done this around an estimated 10 to 20 times, and have done this for a number of weeks.

I have promoted this website as a replacement to the now closed a516digital website, and have tried to emulate the mixed digital TV and digital radio format that a516digital followed. However, to be clear, I have no links with the creator of a516digital. I have NOT been given permission to use content from a516digital, nor have I done so, instead developing my own format and content.

Hopefully, this post will offer enough clarification, but should you wish to discuss matters further, please email me on [email protected]. If you wish to make a complaint, please also email me on this address. I always like to resolve disputes through discussion, and will only block people as a matter of last resort.

Website Update

Apologies for the lack of updates here recently, personal commitments have got in the way.

Firstly, some housekeeping. Sister website Scott’s Radio Site will be closing at the end of May. Digital TV UK remains unaffected, but will be accommodating additional radio content, mostly relating to DAB radio, going forward.

Secondly, I’m monitoring the situation over at fellow TV website RXTV Log. That website took over some parts of a516digital when that website closed, initially running a social media news feed, before becoming a full website. ‘RXTV Dan’ had, on the most part run a successful website, and proved to be a strong competitor despite lacking some of the content which a516digital used to provide.

However, its has become apparent that RXTV Log has transferred to new ownership. Updates have slowed to a halt, and when they do occur, many updates come at once. The quality of the website does appear to have slipped. This has therefore given me a renewed enthusiasm, and updates will gather pace.

I have developed a mini action plan, which is as follows:

    • Transfer digital radio content over from Scott’s Radio Site.
    • Complete TV channel lists, including the creation of regional Freeview channel lists for England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland.
    • Recommencement of news provision, most likely from mid-June.

These are the priorities going forward, and the website will be assessed against these at key stages. Additionally, due to the ever increasing numbers of streaming services, the website will focus on connected services such as Freeview Play and key catch up services (BBC iPlayer, All4, ITV Hub), and will no longer cover services such as Britbox, Disney+, and TV Player.