ABS Broadcast Ensures High Street TV Continues

ABS Broadcast stepped in to ensure High Street TV continued broadcasting. During the Covid-19 lockdown, High Street TV’s previous playout provider was no longer able to continue offering it services.

ABS Broadcast ran the High Street TV channels on their behalf, to ensure a smooth transition from the previous provider. The migration process took 30 days from start to finish.

The work took place during full lockdown, with many challenges, including inaccessible third-party buildings and data centres. Despite this, the migration was successful, with no service outages for High Street TV.

High Street TV operate five 24 hour shopping channels on Sky, consisting of the main channel, plus 4 time-shift versions. They also advertise on other channels including ITV and Channel 4, and also supply several high profile retailers.

ABS Broadcast are based in London and provide channel origination and distribution services to several global niche television brands.