Even this Website Couldn’t Escape Storm Arwen

Sadly, even this website couldn’t escape the impacts of Storm Arwen. Due to a power cut at the authors home, no news stories could be written or published, and no updates to resource pages could be made.

Thankfully, the actual servers which run the website are in a different location, and it would appear that the website remained online for the duration. Thanks go the our website hosting provider, for their continued hard work and dedication in maintaining the equipment needed to deliver the website to you.

Power has now been restored, but a number of news articles which were originally intended to be published over Friday and Saturday have now been delayed. Time constraints mean that it may be a few days before all of these are published, and they may not appear in the correct timeline order. I’ll do everything that I can to restore a near normal service as soon as possible.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you continue to find this website both enjoyable and informative.