Government Changes Direction With Channel 4

The UK Government have (for now at least), scrapped the controversial move to privatise Channel 4 Television (Channel 4)corporation, abandoning the plan put forward by former culture secretary Nadine Dorries.

Current culture secretary Michelle Donelan (in post since September 2022) has reviewed the plan, and no longer feels it is the best way of ensuring the sustainability of the publicly owned broadcaster. Among the options now considered include allowing Channel 4 to make its own programmes in house, instead of being required to subcontract this work out to external production companies.

Channel 4, like the BBC, is publicly owned. Unlike the BBC, however, Channel 4 relies solely on commercial revenues (i.e. from advertising) in order to operate. Alongside the main Channel 4 channel, channels within the portfolio also include E4, More 4, Film 4, and the Box Plus Network of music channels.