Satellite television offers those in rural areas the opportunity to receive many more channels than would normally be a available, by obtaining the signal from an orbiting satellite instead of a land based transmitter. Additionally, satellites make more efficient use of carrier frequencies, allowing several more channels to be broadcast. This makes satellite a popular choice for watching TV.

Aside from generic receivers, two satellite based platforms operate in the UK. Sky is a predominantly subscription based service, whilst Freesat offers a more limited range of channels but without the need for subscription.

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General Satellite Resources

The resources are aimed primarily for users of generic satellite receivers (i.e. those not directly linked to the Freesat or Sky platforms), but also include resources which may be applicable to both the Freesat and Sky platforms.

Satellite Manual Tuning Parameters

Freesat Resources

Guide to Freesat
Freesat Channel List

Sky Resources

Sky Channel List UK