Terrestrial TV

Terrestrial TV is the method of broadcasting signals from land based transmitters, which are received by the viewer using an aerial (usually roof mounted) plugged into a TV or set top box. Beyond initial equipment costs, there are no subscriptions to pay, making terrestrial TV a popular choice for viewers.

In the UK, most terrestrial equipment carries the Freeview brand alongside that of the manufacturer. Freeview are responsible for promoting the platform. The equivalent organisation for the Republic of Ireland is Saorview. The page lists a variety of resources to both platforms, including channel listings.

Additionally, the News pages have a dedicated section of the news pages for both Freeview and Saorview news.

Freeview Resources

Guide to Freeview
Freeview Multiplex Guide
Freeview Channel Lists:
UK (master/main list)
Channel Islands
Scotland (Relay transmitter service)

Saorview Resources

Saorview Channel List